2017 Missions Trip





Leaving Mid-June to end of July from Medford Oregon- Nairobi, Kenya- Uganda back to Medford Oregon


We will be visiting a mission house called African Inland missions (AIM) for two-three days visiting other ministries. Then off by bus 8 hours to Miliki Village, Western Providence, Bungoma Kenya to visit H2H partner and sponsored children with Samson Mabonga.


The Christian Family Church will be waiting for us to be visiting the kids, a few churches, babies home, the new school in the village and share part of the gifts given to carry over to Africa.


-Safari trip/Ushindi Children’s Discipleship Homes


Then to Uganda for 2 weeks visiting Franklyn and Sarah Kasozi H2H Directors in Kampala Uganda. They will share the church and the children in Uganda along with their team on the ground. We will go to the village of Masulita where H2H has a farm and has been helping the widows and orphans there.


_Trip to the Ugandan Zoo/Lake Victoria

Application process- H2H has an application needed to fill out on volunteer page of the website www.h2hintl.org


We will be taking over pillowcase dresses/ assorted dresses for the orphan girls, boys shorts and tee-shirts, days for girls, soccer balls, scholastic schoolbooks, glitter, glue sticks, rulers, scissors, number two pencils, erasers, glasses, sewing items, foam shapes and letters, other craft items.


The cost of the trip will be $4,000.00 per person. Below is the cost break down:




+ Multi-Visa-Approx. $110


+Bottled water/food- $60/approx.


+Food- $500 approx.


+ Travel on the ground while in two countries- $500


+Hotel Stay in country of Kenya and Uganda- $200


+Blessing monies- “to serve food” to camps we visit $500 approx


+ Spending monies are not included


-Minus Shots and Passport (if you do not have one)


-Yellow Fever is a must- Approx. $115.00 (Good for 10 years)


-Oral Typhoid- $55.00 Approx. (Good for 5 years)

Tetanus Shot/+Hepatitis A and B- series – Cost Unknown check with Primary Healthcare PHD.


-Malaria Demal 200/ or prescription from Dr – $65-70 for a three-month supply. Natural plant spray. Order a month before trip to Africa.


We will all need to fund raise to gain this money to go to Africa, but He oversees our coming going.


If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask.


Living in His Kingdom,

Gloria Cooper,  541-479-4626

Heart 2 Heart Hand N Hand Intl 501 C 3 non-profit organization


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