New beginnings for H2H in 2017

New Beginnings for H2H IN 2017

What a busy time it has been these past months building a new website @,  Autum has agreed to help us as we continue to grow, she did an awesome job :)… she is looking for new clients to build awesome websites like ours (contact info on bottom of page)!!! Also, many wonderful projects during the year in Kenya and Uganda as leaders served their people. The leaders of H2H Love building new relationships, building the kingdom, accomplishing connections for now and the future.

December H2H Ugandan directors Franklyn and Sarah Kasozi headed up “Christmas Outreach“, going to Acholi Quarters in Uganda. These are the people who survived the Kony rebels and have resettled. Jesus was shared in the practical and then the spiritual. It’s a place which has many child-headed families and many people that live in extreme poverty. The team took over blankets to many widows, 30 pairs of shoes, each family received rice, noodles, soap and sweets for the small children which was very special.

Also, Sarah is part of an organization called SMILE which H2H Intl began a sewing project it is now underway and has been successful. This has allowed many young women to learn how to sew as well as now beginning to tailor eventually earning a small living. Thank-you to the board of H2H who planted their seed in the month of December, January and February.

H2H Intl partner Samson Mabonga is heading up the farm Project in Maliki Village, Kenya. The funds have been sent and the work has begun to grow some foods for the 20 orphans and orphans & widows outreach. We are also praying to do a sewing project with the older girls here as well.


Water 4 Africa

We are praying for $700.00 to break up the hard bed rockand a storage tank of the bore hole that has begun last year in Maliki, Village Kenya.  We are at a stand still at this moment. This will supply clean water to at least 1,500 people plus in the surrounding areas to come and get water rather then from the river which is contaminated by parasites and bacteria that can make you very ill and even cause death.

Solar 4 Africa” cost $605.00 Renogy 400 Watt 12 Volt Solar Starter Kit $605.99 plus a battery for $500.00 and shipping internationally= $1,105.99, For Maliki Village Kenya with Pastor Samson Mabonga and H2H sponsored children.

Mission Rock Africa

is in mid June to end of July to East Africa.

kenya uganda map

off by bus 8 hours from Nairobi to Miliki Village, Western Providence, Bungoma Kenya to visit H2H partner and sponsored children with Samson Mabonga.  The Christian Family Church will be waiting for us to be visiting the kids, a few churches, babies home, the new school in the village and share part of the gifts given to carry over to Africa.

Visiting Ushindi Children’s Discipleship Homes as well as other friends ministries.

On the bus to Uganda for 2+ weeks visiting Franklyn and Sarah Kasozi H2H Directors in Kampala Uganda. They will share the church and the children in Uganda along with their team on the ground. We will go to the village of Masulita where H2H has a farm and has been helping the widows and orphans there.

We will be taking over pillowcase dresses/ assorted dresses for the orphan girls, boys shorts and tee-shirts, days for girls, soccer balls, scholastic schoolbooks, glitter, glue sticks, rulers, scissors, number two pencils, erasers, glasses, sewing items, foam shapes and letters, other craft items.

H2H Mother’s Day Presentation,

Love~ a Mothers Heart

RSVP Buffet 16.99 per person, sharing, speaker from Uganda & Fund-raiser to go on mission field

May 9th, Tuesday,  971 SE 6th st Grants pass, Oregon Taprock Northwest Grill, Evergreen Room from 5:30-8:00 PM

African children with arms around eachother

Bringing Hearts N Hands together:

Providing Hope, Stability & Opportunity

To Empower African Communities,

Blessings to all who read and carry the vision with me,

Gloria Cooper (MamaLove)

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