His Great Work

Heart 2 Heart Hand N Hand Intl is helping in Maliki Village Kenya, Africa at the Family Youth House. Gloria is visiting this youth house to see and help with all that needs to be accomplished here. Funds from donations and fundraising have helped with solar power, water, clothing, food and more, but there is still more that needs to be done here to help these young people. 

Eric at Maliki Village Youth Center

The Leader

Eric takes care of the 11 boys and animals as well as the grounds at His Family Youth House in Maliki Village, Kenya. He is standing in front of the piggery that supplies the youth center with valuable protein sources. This makeshift structure built to keep the very needed animals contained is falling apart. You can help H2H build a new construction made of brick, cement and iron sheets to keep the Mama pigs and all the piggies in assorted stages (6 in total) safe.

Going Solar

H2H was blessed to purchase solar panels and all the components to install them. Our technition Edward with helper Gabriel put solar in the youth home in Maliki Village, Kenya. There is no power, so solar panels are necessary in this village. Thank you to Pappa Doc and the many H2H supporters that made solar possible in 2017. Many other places in this area could benefit of from solar panels, your prayers and donations are appreciated.  

Samson with new solar panel to be installed
Solar for His Family Youth House Maliki Village
African boy carrying firewood

The Workload

The youth boys cut, carry and chop firewood for “His FamilyYouth Center” in Maliki Village. Collecting firewood has always been a strugle but, this is what they have now. Pastor Samson Mabonga is praying to get a cooking stove. Prayers and donations are appreciated by the volunteers helping and the youth receiving the help. 

New Clothing

Thank you to “Dress a Girl Around the World” and “Dress a Dude” for the beautiful dresses and shorts and T-shirt Shirts for “His Family Youth Center” in Maliki Village. Heart 2 Heart Hand N Hand Intl is proud to be able to distribute this gift of quality clothing. Sponsors, donations and volunteers are making a real difference here in Africa and so much more needs to be done. 

African girls wearing clothing donated by Dress A Girl and H2Hintl

Meet Violet

Violet wants to become a Doctor. She is 22 years old living in the youth house serving the other 11 girls with cooking, fetching water and all other duties. Pray for her opportunity to go to medical school and begin her passion in changing and healing her nation. 

Clean Water Well

Yes there is a man down there! They put a rope on a long piece of wood and climb the walls down to dig all the rock out. Two guys take turns going down to the bottom approximate 40 feet. It will take two strong guys two or three days to get all the rocks and mud out. This is just the beginging of the well process.

We need funding for bricks, sand, cement, the rolling pump and labor. Clean water is truly a gift from above to the people of this village. If you are able to help in any way they will be blessed by your support. 

Thank You For Your Support!


Feel the love, spread the word :)