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Gloria Cooper has returned from the Rock Africa 2017 mission trip with a full heart and a clear view of what all needs to be done to help the children and widows in Kenya and Uganda. Several sustainable projects were started and some new projects were added, but more funding, prayers, donations and volunteers are needed to complete them. Every dollar donated is used to support the mission to empower African communities and change the lives of the children in need. Together we can make a difference in the lives of these precious children.

Water Gives Life. Africa boys with water buckets on their heads

Water Gives LIFE

H2H financed the creation of a borehole that was dug during Gloria’s time in Maliki Village, Africa. The process is done using dynamite to create the hole. A man is lowered down about 23 feet to the bottom and he hand digs out the rocks and debris until water is reached. A hand crank system was installed, but this is only a temporary fix to a more substantial well system planned for the future of this community. Donations are needed to install a proper well pump, bricks, sand, cement and labor. Clean water is truly a gift from above to the people of this village. If you are able to help with this well project they will be blessed by your support.

African men installing a hand pump on a borehole

Solar Power

H2H was able to purchase a solar panel for His Family Youth House in Maliki Village, Kenya. The system was installed by some local volunteers and it is in operation, but is not sufficient enough to support the compound and 25+ people that utilize it to capacity. More solar panels and a larger battery system is planned for the sustainable future of this solar power system. 
Battery used in the solar power system Kenya Africa

Daily Expenses

Monthly support for food, education and hygiene products are needed for the children of His Family Youth Center in Kenya, Africa. Educational fees and materials are very costly. Sponsoring these children makes a lasting difference in their lives. If you are feeling called to sponsor a child in need, there is a sponsor box on our donation page or contact Gloria Cooper for more information at:




New Projects

  • Farm land was given to H2H to start a new farming project. Seeds, fertilizer and supplies are needed to make this grow successful. 
  • The children here are in need of mattresses. H2H is raising funds to purchase new mattresses for the children. 
  • H2H plans to help build a new cookhouse for His Family Youth House. The costs for this construction are still being worked out, but it is a great need for this youth house. Any help with this project is appreciated.
  • We are also praying for a grant writer to help with getting funding for various projects in Africa. 
Patrick nurse in Kenya

Medical Needs

Medical supplies, doctor visits and transportation to the doctor are all very costly in Africa. Many children are born with AIDS or have serious medical problems and are in great need of medicine and doctor visits.

H2H wants to support Patrick, a community Keyan Nurse that takes care of medical needs of children and staff in Maliki Village. Support of his continued medical services are valuable to the children and community members. 

Call For Volunteers 2018

A new mission trip is in the works for June 2018. This will be a 4 week trip to Kenya/Uganda to help with various projects at His Family Youth House in Maliki Village and more. The details and costs are still being worked out, but we are excited for all God’s good works that will be done on this trip.

We are praying for qualified, compassionate individuals that have a heart’s desire to help these children. More information on volunteering and an application form is on our volunteer page or contact Gloria Cooper at:



h2h sarah franklyn gloria
H2H transition home in Uganda

Uganda Projects

Gloria’s time in Uganda was brief, but a lot was done. Franklyn and Sarah Kasozi have become partners with H2H and are working toward building a youth transition home for children.

It will be a Heart 2 Heart transition Home for 3-17 year olds that are rescued from traumatic situations. The transition home will be all about reconciliation for families. Some children will come and go and some will stay. It will provide counseling for children and parents, in due time when all are healthy they will be reconciled back to their families. If not, they will stay in the H2H transition home as sponsored children.

Staff and supplies will be needed in the future and funds are needed now to plaster the walls to make this building a functioning transition home.


h2h future transition home

Thank You For Your Support!


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