News From Kenya

We are currently raising money for water, food and school fees/supplies for the next school year. H2H is also continuing to improve the cook house and plans to build an outdoor bread oven so bread can be made on site. The bread oven is expected to cost about $300 for the concrete and bricks needed to build it and the cook house needs windows and doors costing around $400. You can help support H2H with a donation on our website at We also have a link on the website to sign up with Amazon Smile and FredMeyer shopping donation program for more ways to give to the children in need. 

He fills my cup
African children in Kenya receiving shoes donated by H2H

Kenya Ongoing Projects

  • Water well 
  • Community cook house construction and bread oven
  • Phase three  of the dining hall which includes window panes, bags of cement, paint, labor etc.
  • Morgana Tree/coffee bean planting on 1 acre
  • Schooling fees, clothing and supplies
  • Feeding children, planting seeds, growing livestock
  • Teaching skills like sewing and jewelry making to create income 
  • Support for Samson & Gladys as they take care of the children

The Bonding of H2H Partners

With H2H’s support Samson & Gladys traveled from Kenya to Uganda to meet for the first time with Franklyn & Sara. This was an important bonding experience for all the partners of H2H to work together on one page in making the greatest impact on the children they are helping. Together they attended a pastor’s leadership conference in Mukuno, hosted by Greg & Teresa from Grants Pass, OR. Greg & Teresa were in Uganda visiting their sponsored children, leading a pastors conference and witnessing the transfer of ownership of H2H land to Franklyn and Sara who will make good use of the land.

Franklyn, Sara, Samson, Gladys meeting in Uganda, Africa for a pastors conference led by Greg and Teressa from Grants Pass, Oregon
Samson and Franklyn at Pastors Conference
H2H partners looking at farm land together
Partners meeting in Uganda Samson, Gladys and Sara
Bob and Gloria Cooper
Papa Doc at Love a fathers Heart fundraiser dinner

Love, A Father’s Heart 2018

This years fundraising dinner on April 7th at TapRock was a wonderful testament to what it means to have a fathers heart for children in need. Papa Doc shared his testament of his experiences in Africa with orphan children. Papa Bob and Gloria shared about the many projects going on in Africa and what plans they have for the future of H2H.

H2H Intl African Children Fundraiser Event 2018
African necklaces for sale at the fundraiser dinner for h2h intl

Support a Child in Need

H2H is praying for god-parents to commit to a one year, $60 monthly donation. This money will be used to support an orphan child in our outreach children’s home in Kenya. On the donation page of our website there is an option to sign up for monthly donations. Sponsored children’s letters and photos will be sent out in the mail soon. For more info call Gloria Cooper at 541-324-4650

African child drinking water
Children in Africa
Franklyn and Sara with laptops donated by H2H

Ongoing Uganda Projects

  • Heart 2 Heart Initiative’s Transition home building: plumbing, plastering, utensils, furniture, bedding, clothes, food, fencing for compound, medical for children between 3-17 years old coming into home.
  • Support for Franklyn and Sarah as childcare advocates
  • The briquettes project Franklyn is doing this with the church as a community for cleaner air and less expensive cooking for Ugandans.
  • Sarah is ministering to the Muslim girls at secondary schools
  • Franklyn has graduated 
  • H2H provided Franklyn and Sarah with cell phones and laptops to help with communicating their cause.
  • Many Outreach Children needing help

H2H Making a Difference

  • Shoes and socks donated by Sandy Huff McDonald
  • 10 new mosquito nets for half of the children
  • Purchased 12 50# sacks of maize 
  • Paid High school and primary fees for 20 children donated by Doc and the Coopers
  • Sue and Bud  Ramsey donated coats for 20 kids
  • Support for partners Franklyn, Sara, Samson & Gladys to meet in Uganda
African children in Kenya receiving shoes donated by H2H
mosquito nets for kenya orphans

His Love Counts 2019

H2H is planning a “His Love Counts” trip to Africa in mid June 2019. We are praying to go to two or three countries. The cost for each person to be determined on length of stay and countries visiting. We are mobilizing a team for God’s purpose in Africa. Volunteers feeling led to go will need to contact Gloria Cooper at 541-324-4650 for more information. The deadline to sign up for the trip is December 2018. 

If you are feeling led to help, but can’t go to Africa, you can donate money to fund the trip or donate needed items for the children on our website at 

H2H would like to extend our warmest thank you for all the support, prayers, and donations we have received for this wonderful cause. God bless you.

Africa, I must go
woman in Uganda riding a bike with twins on her back and front

Thank You For Your Support!


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