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Water Gives Life

Heart 2 Heart Hand N Hand Intl is excited to be partnering with WHO lives, a non profit organization that is determined to eradicate scarce and contaminated water sources in the world. WHO lives has developed a patented water well drilling system that hand produces a well and can be reused to create other wells.

No one should ever have to drink polluted water, knowing that it will lead to disease and eventual death. Your support could help purchase a patented Village Drill for a local team on the ground in Kenya and eventually Uganda. 

A specific team of community members will be trained on proper use and maintenance of the Village Drill, plus standard business practices. With a Village Drill team in place, and a business model in practice, more communities will receive clean water wells that lead to long-term development and change. 

H2H Intl desires to raise the funds of 28,000 to purchase this Village Drill, training and supplies for the Maliki Village, Kenya community. We would be able to do many, many clean water wells in Kenya and Uganda as a business.

Africa needs to Create and sustain wealth. This is an awesome way to do just that while giving the people pride in their work drilling wells in Kenya and Uganda.

Water Gives Life. Africa boys with water buckets on their heads

It takes A Village

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Heart 2 Heart Hand N Hand Intl (H2H) is a Oregon, USA, Nonprofit Humanitarian Organization. H2H is a IRS 501(c)3 tax exempt organization. All donations are tax deductible. 1045 letter and EIN is available upon request. The directors and staff of H2H serve as committed volunteers.

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