Looking Forward to Summer 2019

Bob and Gloria are needing support to go on a Summer 2020 mission field trip to East Africa in strengthening our relationships with our partners as well as see all the great work Samson and Gladys in Kenya and Franklyn and Sarah in Uganda are doing. We will also be delivering much needed items to leaders and vulnerable children in Kenya 🇰🇪 and Uganda 🇺🇬. We are raising $12,000.00 for ongoing projects, air tickets, food water, travel on the ground, visas, bus tickets in country, Malaria medication and other needed items while traveling. Please pray for our safe travels and our good works for the suffering children in Uganda and Kenya. If you feel led to help us financially with this trip, you can do so on our secure donation site or contact Gloria Direct at 541-352-4650.

Heart 2 Heart Hand N Hand is also looking forward to selling  items online facebook marketplace to raise money for the children of Africa. Check back with us to see all the wonderful things we will have for sale!

Thankful For Donations

Friends of ours are leading a team of 5 from Grants Pass, they will be going over to spend four days with Franklyn and Sarah in Uganda. 

They are carrying Dress a Girl Dresses donated to H2H Intl from Connecticut and Santa Cruz as well as shorts from Dress a Dude from Santa Cruz. Thank you to Pam Calvert and team from St Luke’s Episcopal church for PJ bottoms and blankets. We are also grateful for Marge Sheets who sewed 25 dresses and 25 shorts. We are so grateful to each heart and hand that donated and sewed these wonderful dresses and shorts ♥️ Also thank you to Liz Fkarzynsky for dress a girl dresses and Barbra Taylor ambassador for dresses a girl Santa Cruise.



Seeds of Hope Fundraising Success

Our annual mothers day fundraising dinner “Seeds of Hope” Heart 2 Heart Hand N Hand Intl Fathers & Mother’s Heart at TapRock in Grants Pass Oregon was a great success. We had African items for sale and a delicious dinner. 

Guest speakers were all missionaries to East Africa each one speaking personal love notes on their hearts mission to help the children in Africa. 

Thank you to all who helped set up at our “Seeds of Hope” event, served and continue to help Gloria after with fund raising projects: Glenn & Debbie Otis, Jason & Shae Fletcher, Jason Folkstad, Debbie Hammer, Kelli Taylor and my sweet husband Papa Bob. 

African items for sale

Gary and Mari Foster, God parents to Julius were so happy to attend the fundraiser.

Updates From Uganda

Church of Christ in Us Fellowship in Kagoma, Uganda with pastor Franklyn and Sarah Kazozi. Franklyn Kasozi is sharing Christ in love to the young ones and will drive them to having a deeper relationship with Christ. We have 50 to 60 members and growing and many are children. 
Sewing machine H2H purchased for Uganda Heart to Heart Children’s Center. Those above 14 will learn how to sew. The women and children were very excited, they refused to leave if I did not take a picture of them with the new sewing machine. All the Kasozi gals are very interested. Heart to Heart Children’s Center  will begin sewing classes on Saturday afternoons.
Sarah Kasozi is working with children from broken homes. She states, “Most children blame themselves. Early this year, I had a training in a primary school and almost half of the population of the pupils I spoke to came to me for counseling. I was surprised that all their concerns were connected to separated parents. The results are a lot of psychological/emotional pain. The children suffer so much, however parents also struggle to deal with the broken home, they burden the children with their separation.” 
Sarah has also been busy with the Hip Hop and Hope event. She says “Its been an awesome moment today at Kawenpe during the Hip Hop and Hope event by Grow to Build.” Our Children have shared a platform with various artists which has shaped their future.  It is a memorable event. The Heart to Heart children have enjoyed their visit, they have a story to tell about the Hip Hop and Hope event. Heart to Heart Initiative has been greatly blessed through this experience.”

Meet Michelle

Michelle Acheing is 3 year old. She has two brothers, Dazon 7 and Bryan 11.

Their father died after a long struggle with a sickness that was not diagnosed. It was thought to be HIV/AIDS but after the birth of Michelle, everyone said we will see about that young baby, but it was not so. Poverty could not allow the family to do postmortem to ascertain the cause of his death, yet medical tests were negative.

Please support Michelle as a God Parent for $60.00 per month to give her a better life.

Getting baptized in river in Kenya, Africa

Baptisms at Christian Family Church, Bishop Samson Mabonga 

Kids at His Family Kenya

Donut Project

H2H donated 300.00 to start a donut project. The children of His Family Youth House are selling donuts to raise needed funds. 

News From Kenya

Christian Family Church MaliKi Village, Kenya 🇰🇪 Bishop Samson Mabonga. New Church Building 2019 for Sunday school. Discipleship classes after bibles given along with baptizing. 

Samson Mabonga MaliKi Village, Kenya 🇰🇪 Preaching on TV Magharibi (Western TV) It will be aired on Sunday morning only in western Kenya.

The boys dorm in Kenya is constantly on our hearts as they live here at $30 out of the monthly support. Please join us as we are moving forward to supply cement, plaster, paint, windows for a mud building already constructed only needs to be expanded and  finished for $1250.00

This is the boys future room that needs to be expanded, so the cost will be doubled as there are 10 boys now.

Boy’s dorm current conditon

Meet Eve

Eve is H2H Intl’s intern from Nairobi. She will be going in August to spend time with kids getting life stories, photos, videos and dreams. She is young, gifted ready to walk in her destiny. We have a mutual friend Jerry Jones a film maker that is willing to train Eve’s eye in using her creative work to turn out an awesome video for H2H Intl. We hope she can go to Uganda next as provisions come in for her. What a team! We are so thankful for all God is doing in our ministry with partners in East Africa and USA. Donate to her mission on the link below!

Water Drilling

Water is life, we have attempted 2 times to get water. Once by hand digging, once by drilling with a hand machine we hit hard rock both times, now we will be drilling by hydraulic water well drilling which we are asking for $3,500 US dollars. We will also have a 250 gallon storage tank for the kids and others living at His Family Youth Home in MaliKi Village, Kenya 🇰🇪 

One of our little ones that is only 8 years old has gotten Typhoid and ended up in the hospital twice in the last month. Other children are getting diarrhea. Clean water is despratley needed. Not only for the people, but also for watering the animals and plants. Please consider donating to the water project. 

Meet Triza Anyango

Triza Anyango story will rock your heart: 
She is 15 now in class 8 at Makutano school. She has lived with Samson and Gladys since 2 years old Her mother died of an unknown sickness as she lived alone after the husband abandon her and the mother. At the time of the mothers death, Triza was all alone, then the neighbors noticed the distress cry from the young baby after two days of not seeing the mother. On forcing open the door, the found Triza lying on the mothers body, she had died two days ago! Be a god-parent to Triza for $60 she is now a healthy high schooler and wants to be a Doctor. 
We have 8 youth and children that need god-parents please pray and get in touch with Gloria @ 541-352-4650
Boarding school needs for many of our kids very costly.

Education Fees

School Fees for 1 or 2 kids in your family can be tuff but, 14 teenagers is exhausting. In August Heart 2 Heart will need school fees, books, paper and dorm costs of more than $2,500. Please consider sending a teen to school or the send the whole bunch 🤗

to the world you may be one person but to one person you may be the world

We have a listing of children that are still needing sponsors on our Children In Need Page. Please check out this page and learn more about each child. If you are feeling led to sponsor a child as a God Parent please contact Gloria Cooper at 541-352-4650 or click the link below to sponsor today.

Thank you!

Thank you for all your prayers and support. Bob and I will be taking a personal vacation to get refreshed in the Summer but, would love to meet with those interested in supporting or becoming part of H2H team. ♥️ 

Please pray for our team from Vineyard Christian Fellowship heading to Africa on July 8th to the 24th.

Look for the next newsletter Fall 2019!

Thank You For Your Support!


Feel the love, spread the word :)