For the Lord your God is living among you.
    He is a mighty savior.
He will take delight in you with gladness.
    With his love, he will calm all your fears.
    He will rejoice over you with joyful songs.

Zephaniah 3:17

Great Work in 2019 & Beyond

Bob and Gloria ask for support in prayer and finances Summer 2020 mission trip to East Africa in strengthening our relationships with our partners as well as see all the great work Samson and Gladys in Kenya and Franklyn and Sarah in Uganda are doing. We will also be delivering much needed items to leaders and vulnerable children in Kenya 🇰🇪 and Uganda 🇺🇬 We are raising $10,000 for ongoing projects, air tickets, food water, travel on the ground, visas, bus tickets in country, Malaria medication and other needed items while traveling. Please pray for our safe travels and our good works for the suffering children in Uganda and Kenya. If you feel led to help us financially with this trip, you can do so on our secure donation site or contact Gloria Direct at 541-352-4650.

Urgent News from Kenya !

The boys dorm at His Family Youth House has collapsed on 10/14/19. The boys that stay here had to be moved aside in the same building as the one wall was repaired. H2H Intl. would like to extend a HUGE thank you to Empowered Life Church Home Group in Medford, Oregon for supporting this desperately needed repair of the collapsed wall.

This dorm is still in need of funds for other repairs and updates to make the dorm more livable for the the boys that stay here. We need $1,500 to upgrade this space for the orphaned boys that live in this dorm. The photo below is before the collapse of the wall. As you can see this is not an adequate space for them. H2H would love to make this a place where they can be comfortable and safe. Donations can be made specifcally for this cause by contacting Gloria Cooper direct or donating on our secure donation page. 

Christmas Giving To H2H Chairity

Contact Gloria Cooper for more information if you are feeling led to give financial support to this years Christmas program.


Christmas Giving in Africa

Christmas Connect with Heart to Heart Initiatives Uganda 🇺🇬 is raising funds in the amount of $1,270.00 for a Christmas outreach program to help the community of Kagoma celebrate Christmas in 2019. Franklyn and Sarah are sharing the joy of Christmas with the urban poor by giving food and supplies to needy families on this special day. 

His Family Youth House in Kenya is looking forward to Christmas Giving in 2019. Our goal this year is to help bring Christmas to as many children as possible. Any one can join by donating funds to pay for a great meal as we bless these needy people.

Thank you for your support, it means a lot to the children who receive the help they desperately need. 

children holding books in africa
children holding books in africa

Fundraising For Kenya 2020

Donations are continually needed to help raise the 11+ orphaned children at His Family Youth Home in Kenya, Africa. School fees, school supplies and proper school clothing is expensive in Africa and the children are very appreciative of the opportunity to attend. For the school 2020 year $1,637.00 is needed in for school fees, shoes and socks for the 11+ children supported by Pastor Samson and his wife Gladys. Heart 2 Heart Hand N Hand Intl. depends on donations to send these children to school each year. Please donate if you can and spread the word to family and friends that these orphaned children need help.

Updates From Uganda

H2H is partnered with Franklyn and Sarah Kasozi founders of Heart to Heart Initiative. They are advocates for loving and caring families that create a healthy atmosphere for the children to proudly enjoy. Learn more on their website: 

Heart to Heart Initiative children’s drop in Center in Kagoma, Uganda is a safe child environment purposed to create a peaceful, safe and fun environment for vulnerable children. 

H2H needs funds monthly to support projects for all age groups coming in to the youth center. Special projects for the center are underway including building a perimeter fence to keep the children safe from outsiders while at the center. The children have been working hard on sewing projects and other various activities to keep them busy and learning skills.

Franklyn has also started sports teams to encourage children to come to the center providing them with an opportunity they would never have without this center. The children are able to come here to play and read in a safe environment. Donation funds are needed for toys, books, snacks and sports equipment. 

Reading time at Heart to Heart Uganda 🇺🇬

Developing talents at the Heart to Heart Centre. thank you Mrs. Kizito Esther for investing in us. We have loved the music, dance and modeling! 

Sewing project at Heart to Heart Uganda 🇺🇬

Reading Sewing And counting for the young ones. Little Adrina is making reusable sanitary pads Uganda 🇺🇬

Children have to be empowered! The youth have to be empowered! Parents have to be empowered! Communities have to be empowered! We are thankful for the hard work of Franklyn and Sarah and the empowering work they do to help the youth of Uganda. Sarah is going out to help young girls in outreaches constantly providing counseling and advocation for young girls that have been raped. We are looking to create a rescue center for these victims. If you are feeling led to help with the this important project a donation of $500 per month would make a difference in a young persons life. 

H2H Intl. wants to support the leaders of Heart to Heart as they and their own families often go without to help and advocate for the suffering children in their area. We pray to help them financially as they do their good work, but we need your help. If you are feeling led to support this great cause, you can donate a tax deductible donation on our secure donation page on the button below, or mail a check to Gloria Cooper at 

Heart 2 Heart Hand N Hand Intl
PO Box 514 Grants Pass, OR 97526
A USA 501 C 3

Play time at Heart to Heart Uganda 🇺🇬

A BIG thanks to Dress a Girl and Dress a Dude for their continued support!

H2H Donated Items & Coats

Thank you to Ralph VanDelden, a P.E. teacher at Parkside Elementary in Grants Pass, Oregon, for his donation of food and the 5 coats to the children of His Family Youth Home in Kenya.They are now proudly wearing them!

African children wearing donated coats from h2hintl

Violet and Eve at His Family Youth Home during her 10 day stay as an intern. A photographer from Nairobi Kenya, Jerry Jones is Eve’s Mentor. Jerry is a video photographer in Kansas, USA and is Eves mentor. Eve lives in Nairobi, Kenya. We are excited to see all her videos and photography she is creating for H2H Intl.

Violet has already been assisting Samson with various items. Now she will be trained to assist Samson further on a continuum as one of our graduating students from vocational school. Violet will be getting a diploma in Social services in December. ​We are very proud of her stepping up to care for the youth of His Family Youth Home. 

Maureen staff at His Family Youth, new cook and cleaner

News From Kenya

The orphan and outreach children are continually in need of food, school supplies, school fees, and basic necessities. At Christmas time H2H likes to give extra to make this day special for the children.

Pastor Samson has requested that the kids need clothes for Christmas as well as play clothes. We hope to provide food for a special Christmas dinner to help make the 2019 Christmas project a memorable one. 

Metal bunkbeds, thank you to Jan Endicott for buying these as well as H2H Intl

A heartfelt message from Pastor Samson on raising the orphand children.

Our leaders are doing very important work for the needy children in Africa. Pastor Samson and his wife along with graduated assistants house, feed and send to school the orphaned children of His Family Youth Home in Kenya, Africa. Our leaders have no provisions for themselves or their families. They sometimes go without to sacrifice for the children they are helping. Our leaders need to be supported so they can help these children thrive in place where they would otherwise be on the street or worse. Any donation to support our leaders would go a long way to helping them help others. They could really use your help, a monthly donation or a one time gift would be greatly appreciated. 

Year End Giving

A reminder that H2H is a non profit organization and all donations are tax 100% tax deductible. Please consider Heart 2 Heart Hand N Hand Intl for your year 2019 end giving. You can donate by clicking the button below or mail a check to: 

Heart 2 Heart Hand N Hand Intl
PO Box 514 Grants Pass, OR 97526
A USA 501 C 3

to the world you may be one person but to one person you may be the world

His love Counts 2019 MissionTrip

Team Uganda summer missions trip. Spending two weeks around Uganda are members of Vineyard Christian Fellowship: Jason & Shae Fletcher, Karen Perry, and Greg & Theresa Dahl. 



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