And continue to walk surrendered to the extravagant love of Christ, for he surrendered his life as a sacrifice for us. His great love for us was pleasing to God, like an aroma of adoration—a sweet healing fragrance. Ephesians 5:2

His Love Counts 2020 Missions Trip

👑 Bob and Gloria Cooper are thrilled to be sharing God’s love to East Africa from June 16th to July 17th 2020. Serving together in the Kingdom with our Partners, our family Franklyn and Sarah Kasozi in Uganda and Samson Weaska Mabonga in Kenya ♥️
They need your prayers and financial support now to make the mission successful as well as changing lives in the villages. The cost of the trip will be about $9,000.00. Below is the approx.. cost break down:
• Air-ticket-$1800-$2,500
• Multi-Visa-Approx. +Bottled water, Food
• Travel on the ground while in two countries- Visas
• Hotel Stay in country of Kenya and Uganda
• Blessing monies- “to serve food” to camps we visit
• Natural Malaria medication

Please pray for our safe travels and our good works for the suffering children in Uganda and Kenya. If you feel led to help us financially with this trip, you can do so on our secure donation site or contact Gloria Direct at 541-352-4650.

Updates from Kenya !

Lucas, Phoebe, Trizah and Martin washing clothes at His Family Youth Home in Kenya, Africa. They are in need of god-parents to support them with food, housing, medical, school supplies, clothing and school fees.





boys dorm in kenya

The boys dorm at His Family Youth House had collapsed on 10/14/19. It is being repaired. H2Hintl would like to extend a HUGE thank you to Empowered Life Church Home Group in Medford, Oregon for supporting this desperately needed repair of the collapsed wall.

This dorm is still in need of funds for other repairs and updates to make the dorm more livable for the the boys that stay here. We need $1,500 to upgrade this space for the orphaned boys that live in this dorm. Donations can be made specifcally for this cause by contacting Gloria Cooper direct or donating on our secure donation page. 

Teacher teaching the big team of Sunday school children class while Teacher Naomi is with the younger kids outside.

Youth at His Family working in the shamba/ garden 

Lucas eating “Mixture” corn and beans food costs are going up please support us 😊

Updates From Uganda

A second sewing machine was purchased by H2H Intl for Sarah and Franklyn at Heart to Heart Initiatives, Uganda  Courtesy of H2HINTL & Papa Bob and Gloria MamaLove Cooper. They now have 2 sewing machines to learn how to sew with. 
Teaching our children how to sew in Uganda is a very essential life skill. Using both their hands and operating a sewing machine to repair their torn clothes or design new ones is quite rewarding. Our Heart to Heart Children are aquiring this skill. They are super excited about it. We are very happy. 

Developing talents at the Heart to Heart Centre. thank you Mrs. Kizito Esther for investing in us. We have loved the music, dance and modeling! 

They all want to see the teacher illustrating sewing project in Kagoma, Uganda with Heart to Heart Inititives ♥️ 

Sewing project at Heart to Heart Uganda 🇺🇬

Computer classes have now begun at Heart to Heart Inititives 

Franklin & Sarah were blessed to minister in the  holiday makers Camp organized by Pastor Ruth Mutibwa and her team of Living Springs Church, Mpelerwe. We choose to empower children, to equip the youth and caregivers as we transform our nation. 
We are together in this!
Every parent is God’s agent to teach His ways to his/her child. You are God’s agent to help your child understand himself as a creature in God’s world and to show the need for God’s grace and forgiveness. You look to God to give you strength and wisdom for your task. Clear thinking about the function of discipline illustrates the importance of seeing yourself as God’s agent, called by God to be in charge.
H2H is partnered with Franklyn and Sarah Kasozi founders of Heart to Heart Initiative. They are advocates for loving and caring families that create a healthy atmosphere for the children to proudly enjoy. Learn more on their website: 
Day one of future ready camp 2020 with Franklin and Sarah was a beautiful day. They closed the day with 118 children. 
The children are happy and coping well.  Yesterday we had our general assembly after some good play time, a prayer session and good rest. Our only challenge was a power blackout at night which we worked upon immediately. 
Day 2 of the future ready camp 2020 has been successful with the kids learning a number of hands on skills like peeling, making pineapple jam, book making and urban farming.
We are proud of the parents who entrusted us with their children..we believe in equipping children to become better persons for tomorrow.
Day 3 of The Future Ready Camp. What a beautiful day! We have learned about sexual self safety. How to keep away from sexual child predators. We have launched the “I am Worth Waiting For” Campaign advocating for abstinence as a means to fight child sexual abuse. 120 children have willingly and excitedly signed up for it. In the morning we had a sports session where every one was encouraged to engage in what they wish for because they can. This evening we are having the HIV/AIDS awareness session with teenage life stories on how they got HIV and how to prevent it. We still thank God for this opportunity to serve. 

Gloria Sharing the Love

Gloria was invited by Aglow International to speak at the Bear Hotel on January 21st, 2020 about her special heart for evangelism and shepherding along with Kingdom relationships, a passion to share with the world what God can do for us, in us and through us-through faith in Jesus. 

A huge thank you to Suzanne Lofgren, for 365 dresses, 34 shorts and 32 t-shirts to bring with Bob and I to East Africa in June.

H2H Donations

“Sew Delightful”, is a group of independent sewers that volunteer and sew dresses for girls in need. Most of the sewers live in Washington but a few are from other states.

Thank You For Your Support!


Feel the love, spread the word :)