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2020 Mission Trip Canceled

Due to unprecedented times never seen in history all boarders globally are locked down. Bob and I waited and prayed to the last minute to cancel our mission to Africa. The airline called and canceled it for us two weeks ago!! We will go 2021, if you are interested in going, pray and call us to meet.
With social distancing in place, we are unable to have our two main fund raisers in support of our travels to Africa. We have canceled our annual event for May at TapRock due to not being able to gather in larger numbers according to Oregon state guidelines. We are turning to online fundraising efforts to help the children suffering in lockdown in Africa. Please join Heart 2 Heart, Hand N Hand Intl for online fund raising on assorted platforms; Facebook at Heart 2 Heart Hand N Hand Intl, Help Africa Now, I Love Missions and Gloria MamaLove Cooper. Also the Tithly App, Go Fund Me and LinkedIn. You can always donate on our secure donation website by clicking on the donate button below or send checks to:
H2H Intl 
PO Box 514 
Grants Pass, OR 97526 memo: Missions etc
This is a trying moment for people of Kenya. So much RAIN… that all of us have never seen before. Digging a trench around the property to release the rain water is really something for this area. Plastering of the Boy’s dorm room building is being done to keep bricks from crumbling in all the rain.
The rains are helping the garden that the children have been working hard at in the mornings before their schoolwork. 

News from Kenya !

Just like here in the United States, schools are closed in Kenya, Africa due to social distancing regulations. Online learning is a challenge at His Family Youth Home. This is a grade 8 class going on. You can see Julius is taking notes. Online education with Solar TV lessons In the afternoon on Elimu tv allowing the students to watch and do their individual lessons after working in the garden in the morning. We have purchased new learning materials for both form two (Sophomores) and form four (Seniors) as they continue with classes. Costs are ongoing and increasing to feed, cloth and educate the children of His Family Youth Home. Every donation is greatly appreciated.

New mattress’ are needed for 8 youth at His Family Youth Home. $27 each. May God give us all the grace to face covid- 19. But as it is, Jesus is the pillar of our faith. We don’t Loose hope. “He is the repairer of the wall” Please find it in your heart to give funds to repair the boys dorm. 

TapRock Restaurant, 🌲 Evergreen room

Contact Gloria Cooper for more information if you are feeling led to give financial support



Faith & Fundraising

We thank those that had given in faith thus far, be assured it will be used in 2021 for H2H Missions as each of you support us we support 5 other missions  for essential needs, bi-yearly or yearly with projects. 
For those willing to volunteer & plan with H2H Board & friends, we will be meeting at the Boardroom at TapRock on Saturday, July 11 th 3-6 pm drinks and hors d’oeuvres on your own. (If the stay at Home is lifted)
Look for the next get together at TapRock August 22, 4-7 pm for a Fundraising event and Buffet. Cost will be $25 per person and will be limited to 40 people. Please RSVP so we can save your seat.  I will send emails out, make sure we have your current emails, phone numbers and addresses. Thank You!

Updates From Uganda

Sarah, Franklyn and their family have been in lock down since late March, which means children do not go to school, people lack work so NO funds can be earned for food, medicine and other essential items needed on a daily basis. 
They are doing outreach programs and feeding those children in various communities within Kagoma district.  Power has been out for days this week and it has raining unusually this season which has floods, washed away homes, killing many.
We are praying for the Ugandan government to lift the lock down, getting back to the new norm which may take years. 
As a social enterprise, the heart beat of Heart to Heart Initiative  is children and families! Covid-19 has exposed them to physical abuse, emotional negligence and mental distress.  
At the moment Heart to Heart Initiative is making a profound impact on their lives through doing online counselling, on call and one on one at the village level, providing counseling and guidance for child protection, family preservation and community transformation. 
This service helps people navigate the difficult situations Covid-19 has presented as over 120 kids and adults have been addressed the previous month. 
“Give a man a fish he will eat for a day, teach a man how to fish and he will eat for a lifetime”.
I met Richard owner of “Hope South Safari,” last year when I was investigating to go on a Safari with Papa Bob and a possible team. We chatted back and forth, became friends asking what each other does, thus building a relationship.
Richard grew up very close to the Batwa’s as a child, loosing his mother and Father to HIV he became friends with the Batwa’s building a true relationship over the last 9 years, they have come to truly trust him. The Batwa’s have been going in gleaning in other people’s gardens and rubbishy heaps eating rats for something to eat. Before the Lockdown they used to work for .50 – $1.20 a day, at the most which doesn’t feed a family of 10, thus clear malnutrition in the children and people is seen. Richard and H2H Intl desire to help the Batwa’s.
Covid-19 hit USA then Africa. This locked down the entire country. The government of Uganda is a landlocked country relying on countries around them for fuel and other items necessary for life. This caused people not to be able to work, then escalated food price hikes, food shortages and lead to insecurities among people in cities and villages alike.
My heart went out as a Richard shared photos of the Batwa’s which he lived near as he grew up keeping a relationship open to them. He would bring little food like Posha (corn meal) To make porridge to keep the stomach full from hunger. Not much food value!
I prayed to sew a seed, then pastor Safari (originally from Congo) now in Norway, chose to join me, sowed the same and Richard too. Richard was granted access by the Ugandan government and brought food across a flooded river into The 18 families that were literally starving. Now my heart is touched by the stories and Lives of the Batwa People of Kabale, Uganda. They are the outcasts and have nothing living in the equatorial forest 🌳
It is time again to send food to the Batwa’s so they do not starve, as we collect from those of you who give. The cost is about $180 per  3 months (a total of $540) so they do not starve to death during the lockdown.

Here is Batwa woman, she can not read but insists on taking her bible to the garden to work, she hopes to read and share God’s love with all those in her village of the Batwa’s.

Friends of Batwa

Meet Richard Mwesigwa CBO of “Friends of Batwa”, Kabale, Uganda; Hope South Safaris. He is an expert and reliable indigenous travel agency worker with 8 years of safari experience and wonderful hospitality that offers you a completely unique and customized travel and tour packages that deliver an awesome unrivaled experience. This is how he pays for his university fees and helps the Batwa’s.

The “Batwa communal Gardening Project” is a teach a man to fish it lasts a life time give a man a fish they eat for one day. 
The cost of $1,260 for 18 families in the Kamugyemanyi Village, Ugandan in purchasing tools, water cans, sprayers for pesticides, hoes, spades, fork hoes and then seeds of Irish potatoes, cabbages, yams, millet, Moringa, sorghum and other seeds. It will take 3 months to grow, pick to harvest and save seeds for the next seasons planting as well as asking on open market. Uganda has two seasons per year in growing food which is awesome. This is part of helping the Batwa’s to “not have a hand out but a hand up”.  
We need support to make a difference in the Batwa’s lives, giving them a future and a hope in Christ, that’s our part… giving, supporting and saving the Batwa’s. There is Nothing impossible with God, ALL things are possible, join us in partnership with Richard to the Batwa people of Uganda. 

Ezekiel 37 Ministries in AP, India

Our Spiritual son JP and his sweet wife Grace. Easter they fed 100 pastors and their families with the funds H2H Intl sent. We intend on doing this more as the needs are great. They run an orphanage of over 39 boys and girls. His wife is an educator and teaches the children of all ages. JP over sees 60 pastors in the rural villages, drills needed boreholes, visits the leper’s, ministering to their needs and outreaches with the gospel. We have know JP since 2008, 12 years and have seen his transformation for God.

Hannah Hunter, 
Hannah is a great missionary teacher friend of mine located in the region of Kilgoris, Kenya 🇰🇪 She lives and serves along side her spiritual family there teaching the collage students the Bible as well as travels to share the gospel with other leaders in various East African countries. She is a Light 💡 in the darkness. She lives by faith each day for food and other essential life supplies, sharing what she has as a Mama.

Ministries in AP, India

H2H Intl although a small Humanitarian organization based in Grants Pass, OR USA we have given to many other organizations locally and globally here are a few to mention; 
Due to the global pandemic many have needs as they are in total lockdown unable to come out of their homes for food, medicines Etc. H2H Intl was joyful in giving filling the void for another day, week or month.
“House of Grace Orphanage in Mbale, Uganda with 30 kids was given funds for food, for a day, a week or a month it helped. They are praying here🙏🏽
Youth 71-five Ministries:
We were able to give during a time online. Here’s what they do locally… Engage at-risk youth to build relationships and guide them to develop in every aspect of their lives daily.  So good ♥️

Thank You For Your Support!


Feel the love, spread the word :)