Isaiah 58:7

“Is it not to divide your bread with the hungry

And bring the homeless poor into the house;

When you see the naked, to cover him;

And not to hide yourself from your own flesh?

His Family youth grew their own greens. Nutritious and yummy! Samson and the youth are ready to plant seeds now. We are praying for $80 for seeds and fertilizer, they already have the land to plant. Who wants to plants sends in Africa?

These photos are the before mattresses they are old and in need of new ones. H2h Intl replacement. Two new ones were purchased at $35 each. We are in need of 8 more at $135 total to deliver to the home. 

News From Kenya

Letters from Africa arrive to god parents. The children of Kenya show their appreciation for the folks that are supporting them from so far away. The funds donated to His Family Youth House make a huge difference in the lives of these children and the future of their community. 

Mosquito nets need to be purchased to help keep away malaria carrying mosquitos.  We are needing to purchase 12 more at $10 each costing $120 total.

Thank you Papa Bob for your donation of two mosquito nets! 

Medicine fund is low. It takes about $50 a month for His Family Youth home to keep everyone heathy. A monthly donation would be greatly appreciated.

Success stories of His Family Youth

Five of His Family Youth in Kenya are passing the 12th grade and unto trade schools 🙏🏽H2HIntl has been supporting these children (now young adults) to give them a chance to thrive and make a difference in the community they live in. 

Walter Osen- He received a scholarship from a Pastor friend of Samson’s and is also sitting for his high school exams in March. He will do well in going onto college as he performs high in grades.
Lucas Marede- is sitting for his high school exams in March as well. He is a jack of all trades. Samson has a friend in Lucas. He can apprentice under Samson after he goes to trade school for $60…. Please support Lucas, we need his help in Kenya. 

Violet Kadogo- Graduates March 2021 with a Diploma in Social Work in Community Development in a local Collage in Kenya. Her heart is to help societies that are hurt and needy.

Mary Wanjiku- She will be sitting for her exams from High School in March, she desires to go into business.

Judith Aakoth- Has already graduated. A pastor friend of Samson’s is willing to give a scholarship for beauty school worth $750. She needs a start up kit of supplies at $150. Who will help Judith style hair and make others beautiful?

Kenya Support Needed in 2021

Samson and Gladys Mabonga are our partners at His Family Youth Home in Kenya. Their dedication to the children and their community is admirable. He is praying to build up the Christian Family Church more. We would like to support him financially in the amount of $300 monthly in spreading the word of God through the church.
Samson and Gladys partners in Kenya Africa
We have 3 slots open to become a god-parent to these youths at His Family Youth Home in Kenya $60 a month. This monthly donation provides education fees and food as well as basic supplies. Supporting the youth of Kenya is the key to the future of sustainable living for this community.

Martin Kioli- is now 17 years and in form two. He like others will be repeating form two next year. That means that he will graduate in 2023. Martin would like to be a professional farmer. He needs a god-parent to support his dream to feed the people of Kenya. 

Triza Anyango- is now 18 years and in form one, she will be repeating form one in 2021. That means that she will graduate in 2024. She would like to be a teacher after school. She needs a god-parent to support her as she goes to school.

Phoebe Anyango- she is now 18 yrs and in form two. She will be repeating form two in 2021. That means that she will graduate in 2023. She would like to be a teacher. Phoebe needs a god-parent to support her hearts mission to educate others.

youth ready to plant in Africa

The youth are ready to plant!

Friends Of the Batwa

This is Richard Mwesigwa From Kabale, Uganda. He is a H2H Inlt partner. His heart is for the people of the Batwa.

2020 was a tough year. Our concentration was on relief and awareness. We now want to turn our efforts on empowerment for food, security, income generation, healthy bodies and souls.

And one of you says to them, “Go in peace, be warmed and be filled,” and yet you do not give them what is necessary for their body, what use is that?

James 2:16 

We managed to reach out to 42 Batwa families in Kamugyemanyi and Rukyeri in kisoro district, with food items (rice, Posho, meat and salt.) Soap and petroleum jelly were also given as a sign of love in this festive season. The Batwa eat meat maybe once in two years and hardly secure money for soap and salt, this Christmas they will have a bite and also bathe and join others to cerebrate Jesus when they are satisfied and clean. We of course would love to do better, but thats all we could manage. Thank you all who responded to the call!

Why rabbits for the batwa? About 5 in ten Batwa children die before the age of five due to poor feeding and malnutrition, rabbits provide a good source of health but available protein meet that could help address malnutrition among the Batwa children and the rest of the Batwa population. 

The Batwa have no land but can access greens. Rabbits are a good alternative animal for them since it requires not much land, it requires less capital to put a 50 rabbit farm which would earn at least $15 a day for each house hold at kamugyemanyi. Meanwhile the Batwa leave on less than a penny a day and some never see money throughout the year. If such a project is done and the Batwa educated on financial discipline and business management we shall not need to raise money for houses or even school fees every one will be able to build their own houses and pay fees for their children. However we shall keep a central farm to be able to pay regular project works and extension services. Rabbits cause less stress and are less likely to have disease than chickens. The other project will be bees, they also require less space and honey just like rabbit meet has a lot of demand and medicinal purposes. We shall surely be solving a whole lot of problems if we do these two projects on the kamugyemanyi village.

The Batwa have the highest child death rates in Uganda. More than half of the children of landless Batwa die before the age of five and are killed by preventable and treatable diseases. Such diseases include malaria, dysentery, diarrhea, HIV/AIDS, pneumonia, Acute Respiratory Infections (ARI). Malnutrition, a disease of poverty, has claimed most of the Batwa lives. Adults fare only slightly better. Batwa women don’t access maternity services, and other preventable diseases like TB continue to undermine the Batwa population in general.

Over 70% of the world’s hungry live in underdeveloped countries. Women and children are most negatively impacted. Every ten seconds a child dies of malnutrition, making up 45% of all child deaths under age five in developing countries. Among the Batwa, child survival is minimal and very few clock five. The causes of death are preventable. You can be a hero and save one or two innocent souls in rural Uganda.

This is a Batwa boy with jiggers his hands and feet. Treatment for medical removal of jiggers, hygene education and treatment of soil to rid the land of jiggers is about $1000 to $1500 dollars.

We have a vision of building a church in the village, Paul and his team from “Light of the World Evangelical Church” to cover this church with their leadership and guidance the Batwa will be disciples of Christ. We will need $5000 to $10,000 to build this church. Please help H2H Intl make this dream possible by donating today.
Pastor Paul and his wife Sarah.

Building Churches in Africa

Meet Pastor Paul, (Safari Nshimiyimana Paul Akili) he is a partner and friend to H2H Intl building churches in Africa. His working on bible training, discipleship training, empowering young men and women in leadership, worship and entrepreneurship. He is the founder and senior Pastor of “Light of the World Evangelical Church.” We need support for this amazing leader in the amount of $300 a month.

Pastor Paul, pictured here with his family. He is from Congo then moved to Uganda as instructed by God now living in Norway.

Volunteers needed for up coming fundraiser of ”A Mother’s Heart” ♥️ Saturday, Please contact Gloria if you feel led to help out with this much needed fundraiser. 

Please RSVP to Gloria Cooper for the fundraiser event, only 75 people can attend the event.

Gloria Cooper

cell: 541-324-4650

landline: 541-479-4626

after 3:30 weekdays

Heart 2 Heart Hand N Hand Intl
PO Box 514 Grants Pass, OR 97526
A USA 501 C 3

A Mother's Heart Fundraiser

We are holding our annual fundraiser this year on Saturday, May 15th from 2pm to 5pm at the Bear Hotel. Cost to attend will be $15.00 per person and will include finger foods and desserts. 

2101 NE Spalding Ave

Grants Pass, OR 97526

We are raising funds for Bob and Gloria to go to East Africa in 2021. Our goal this year is to raise $9000! We will be selling quality items from such as African jewelry and artwork and prints from various Grants Pass artists. Thank you in advance for your much needed donations. We hope you can join us as we share our hearts purpose for the children and leaders of Africa with a presentation by Bob and Gloria Cooper.

If you can not attend you can still donate on our secure website or by contacting Contact Gloria Cooper. 

A Mission of Hope

We were blessed to be featured in the Neighbors of NW Grants Pass Magazine. It is great to be able to share our mission of hope, help and love with the people in our own community. Click the photo link below to read the article. 

News From Uganda

The Heart to Heart offices are open 5 days a week, Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm daily. People from The community come in for counseling and therapy. Our partners Franklin and Sarah in Heart to Heart Initiative need monthly support in the amount of $300 per month. 

On Christmas Day our girls got a Christmas gift of a guitar. What an exciting gift! We decided to share it with children and teenagers in the Heart to Heart Centre. We hired a music teacher and for the last 3 weeks he has done a great job with this class. We currently have a class of 9 students in the guitar classes and they are doing an amazing job. Teacher Davis says that they are fast learners. Here are some of the children/teens in this class. One hundred dollars for another month would get these kids to the next level and make the kids so happy. 

We also are doing computer classes for the youth. These cost $365 per month and go a long way in helping 

Christ In Us Fellowship needs $1140 for supplies like a 50 seater tent and a piano keyboard. 

The youth are learning hairdressing and salon. The cost is $340 per month for supplies. 

The Hearty Youth Dialogues are engaging power packed youth debates held by Heart to Heart Initiative at the Heart to Heart Centre in Kagoma. This program serves the youth in and around Kagoma community. It has served 69 young adults this year answering their unanswered challenges in their day to day lives.

And above all these put on love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony.
Colossians 3:14
Through the third term holiday we have provided skilling for the Kagoma community children at the Heart to Heart Centre. These are children that can hardly afford to access these skills. We taught computer skills, tailoring/ sewing skills both by hand and machine use and improved academics of these children. We have used one tailoring machine for 30 children this holiday and they kept pushing and fighting for it. But God was watching! The good news is that we have purchased a new tailoring/sewing machine. Thank you so much Gloria MamaLove Cooper and Heart 2Heart, Hand N Hand International for this donation. At least we can now have 15 children on each machine. We are believing God for 4 more machines so that we can have at least 5 children use each machine.
Teaching our children how to sew is a very essential life skill. Using both their hands and operating a sewing machine to repair their torn clothes or design new ones is quite rewarding. Our Heart to Heart Children are acquiring this skill. The cost is $240 per month, American dollars for a professional teacher, materials and accessories. The children are super excited about it. We are very happy!

Thank You For Your Support!


Feel the love, spread the word :)