Heart 2 Heart International Fall 2021 Newsletter

“‘Call to Me and I will answer you,
and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know.’”
‭‭Jeremiah‬ ‭33:3‬ ‭
Bob and Gloria Cooper Our “Missions 2 Love Africa” 2022

“Missions 2 Love Africa” 2022

Due to Covid 19 restrictions we were unable to visit Africa in 2020 and 2021. Bob and Gloria ask for your support in prayer and finances for a sucessful 2022 missions trip to East Africa. 
We are hoping to strengthen our relationships with our partners as well as see all the great work our partners in Uganda and Kenya are doing.
Videographer, Jerry Jones from Kansas is planning to join Bob & Gloria to capture a documentary of God’s good works as we help children in need in East Africa on the trip.
We will also be delivering much needed items to leaders and vulnerable children in Kenya and Uganda. We are raising $10,000 for ongoing projects, air tickets, food water, travel on the ground, visas, bus tickets in country, Malaria medication, blessing money and other needed items while traveling. We have already raised 2000.00 towards the trip!! 
Please pray for our safe travels and our good works for the suffering children in Uganda and Kenya. If you feel led to help us financially with this trip, you can do so on our secure donation site or contact direct on Gloria’s facebook page or Heart 2 Hearts facebook page or Gloria Direct at 541-479-4626 or 541-352-4650 If writing a check or donaitng online please memo to Missions BG to allocate funds to the mission trip.

Friends of Batwa International

Some of the major problems hurting the Batwa in Uganda are land, poor housing units, household incomes, sanitation and hygiene, but the biggest of all being land. “Friends of Batwa International “ has been formed by Richard Mwesigwa and Bob and Gloria are on the international board. Friends of Batawa International has 5 board members that are Ugandans, along with Tino and Pastor Safari who speaks the Batwa language. This is just the beginning of helping the Batwa people, we will have many years of helping them. Village K is a model village to replicate for other villages in the future. There are many, many people to help in this region.
Friends of Batwa International
We are trying to help secure land for the Batwa. One acre is already purchased and we are hoping for it to be used for growing tea to create income, teaching gardening skills, vocational training and spiritual transformations. We are wanting to create a building for the leaders to gather, fellowship, worship and help others with the many needs of the Batawa people. We need funding for moving forward, this is only phase one of many plans for helping the Batwa. Thank you to Janice Clark for your donation to purchase this land. 
Richard Mwesigwa helping Batwa child

It is believed that possession of land is key in making permanent decisions. The Batwa seem to have lost hope after they were evicted from their home with out compassion for their lost land. Because they lived in forest as hunters and gatherers, they lacked the skills to survive in the new environment. Now they live destitute lives, with a lot of hopelessness. They can’t afford to put their children in school or provide them with basic needs. Friends of Batwa International is working towards restoring this lost hope, by giving access to land for education to build a school with clean water, medical care and food security with agriculture. 

Our intention is to purchase another acre of land for a cost of 10,000.00 not including building or supplies for school. Donations can be made  on our secure donation site and will go a log way to helping the Batwa. 

In September, we had a very successful 3 day medical camp funded by Terri Parker from the USA. Over 100 people were benefited from this program. Five women accepted family planning and one Batwa man was diagnosed with HIV. Twenty five children were treated for jiggers that cause very painful sores on the feet. The whole village was sprayed to kill all bugs including jiggers. 

This Batawa boy build this own bow and arrow! We are wanting to educate 40 children to give them hope for the future and transform communities. 

Friends of Batwa International

In July 2021 The Batwa at village K received food donated by Heart to Heart International. Made possible only by God’s grace and donations from generous hearts. 

Much needed clothing donated by Friends of Batwa International in Uganda were distributed. Each Batwa family got seeds for planting, hoes, soap, jelly and tooth paste. Simple products like these make a huge impact in their lives. 

Child foot with jiggers

In August 2021, Faith Ablaze Missions funded the construction of Julian’s house. Faith Ablaze Missions is a USA based ministry Headed by David and Marva Bryant, they trusted us with the project. Juliana got a house, bed and beddings.  

Finished house for Juliana, much better for keeping dry. Houses like these only cost around 500 US dollars. We would love to do more of these houses for the Batawa people. Donations are appreciated. 

Richard with Grandmother

This is Richard Mwesigwa our partner in helping the Batwa people. He recently spent time with his paternal granny, at an amazing 106 years old. She was born in 1915 and can still tell stories and turn dull days bright, such a lovely centenarian. Learn more about Friends of Batwa International on the facebook page 

Heart 2 Heart in Uganda

Heart to Heart Initiative started its Covid 19 lockdown response project named “The 10 Girls, 10 Boys Project” on July 7th, 2021.
Children had a need for care and direction in the Kagoma community. Many were seen loitering around the village while others were being exposed to different types of abuse in this period. 
In this program Heart to Heart Initiative has equipped children with life skills. Over 100 children with 80 registered children have been served with this program. These children have been  empowered with skills that have boasted their confidence, emotional intelligence, self care, personal hygiene, self child protection, safety and health.
Food was distributed to 120 families during total lockdown in Kagoma, Uganda! Wow, it is great to see how God is working through our partners here in Uganda to help these children in need. 
A Cooking Exhibition was held at Heart to Heart Initiative. The Heart to Heart Children showcased several foods and how to prepare them in different types of kitchens. This was after we spent 3 weeks teaching them how to prepare these different cuisines. We are so happy with the outcome!
Music, dance, poetry along with percussions for creative expressions was enjoyed by the children at the Hearts Connect Creative Expressions event, created by Heart to Heart Initiative. What a treat for the children to learn and enjoy activities.
See more about Heart to Heart Initiative on their facebook page
Or their website https://heart2heartinitiative.org 
Or their Christ-In-Us-the-Hope-of-Glory facebook page
Do you know how to make a traditional Matooke meal? 
Do your children know how to prepare good Matooke in Banana leaves and banana fibers? The Heart to Heart Initiative children learned it and exhibited it before a panel of judges and advisers. 
H2H Intl fall newsletter 2021
We graduated 3 students, 1 in computer introduction and the rest in introduction to electrical installation under the skilling project. We are so proud of them. 
Thank you Jesus! 
You have done it again. We appreciate the people who contributed to the purchase of the tent. We pray blessings for all who prayed and supported us to get it. When it rains we can’t deliver and when it shines it is very uncomfortable. Now come rain or shine; we are ready to serve God’s children at Christ in us Hope of Glory church

We are continually needing donations to help Pastor Samson and his wife Gladys in their hearts mission for the community of Maliki Village and beyond.

Samson is doing the gospel full time and the kids are all in school now. The children are right age for mentoring now. They are ready to start programs of their own to help their community. For the last three months we have been doing mostly farming and youth mentorship in choosing careers and making quality choices after school. More info can be found on his facebook page.

The mentorship is about:
1. Annalising your performance.
2. Discovering what you want to become after school.
3. Pursuing your Talents as an alternative.
4. How to make choices.
5. Walking with Jesus Christ in every step as a child of God.
6. Finally setting your moral standards. 

News From Kenya

This is was another tricky year in farming in Kenya. In fact we are among the blessed who harvested. Many people lost a lot due too much rain when we were sewing destroying the beans completely. The same rain disappeared when it was needed to mature the maize. We harvested 9-50# bags of maize! The Beans we harvested totaled four 50# bags. This will feed the children of His Family Youth Home in Kenya until January 2022. 

Greg Dahl gave funds to H2H Intl to purchase windows for “Family Christian Church” in Maliki Village, Kenya where Samson pastors. Thank you Greg for your generous donation. The windows look beautiful. 

How Can I Help?


Every dollar donated is used to support the mission to empower African communities and change the lives of the children in need. We support programs in Kenya and Uganda that directly impact the children in need. 


Volunteering brings hearts and hands together to make a lasting difference in the lives of others and the volunteer. Here in the USA or in Africa, every hand helps. We are needing a grant writer and an accountant. 


for the leaders, volunteers and partners on the ground in Africa and in the USA. Pray for the people of Africa, especially pray for the innocent children.

A reminder that H2H is a non profit organization and all donations are tax 100% tax deductible. Please consider Heart 2 Heart Hand N Hand Intl for your 2021 year end giving. You can donate by clicking the button below or mail a check to: 

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Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give,

 not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.

2 Corinthians 9:6-8


Feel the love, spread the word :)