Glory to God in the highest,

 and on earth peace among those with whom he is pleased

~ Luke 2:14

2021 Year End Newsletter

We are fundraising for Bob, Gloria and Jerry Jones, a videographer to go to Africa in 2022. We are hoping to strengthen our relationships with our partners as well as see all the great work our partners in Uganda and Kenya are doing. We will also be delivering much needed items to leaders and vulnerable children in Uganda. We are raising funds for ongoing projects, air tickets, food water, travel on the ground, visas, bus tickets in country, Malaria medication, blessing money and other needed items while traveling. Please pray for our safe travels and our good works for the suffering children. If you feel led to help us financially with this trip, you can do so on our secure donation site or contact direct on Gloria’s facebook page or Heart 2 Hearts facebook page or Gloria Direct at 541-479-4626 or 541-324-4650 If writing a check or donating online please memo to Missions BG to allocate funds to the mission trip.

People of the Batwa

As Christmas is drawing closer, every one is making preparations for their families. the Batwa and other vulnerable families around village K have no plans for this day. It has been our tradition and even this Christmas we will be putting on measures for the Batwa to join the rest of the world in cerebrating the birth of Christ. The Batwa do not eat meat or rice throughout the year. As friends of Batwa Intl. we will buy meat, rice, matoke, soft drinks and at least some used clothing for each child and teenager. For all the Batwa families and children at Village K and the community around. We will take care of 70 families from at about $30 per family. Our total budget is $2100
Will you make this possible? Let’s trust God for provisions as we make this a memorable cerebration for our Batwa friends this Christmas!
God bless you all.
The greatest gift we can ever Give to the Batwa is a Christian education. The Batwa have very many needs but educating their children would empower them now and into the future. Many schools reject the Batwa and others  take them in but marginalize and discriminate against them. There are a number of other reasons which force the Batwa out of school, such as hunger, domestic violence, early marriages, rape, lack of scholastic materials, uniforms and sanitaries in girls. Our wishes are for a school that will address all these problems and ensure that the Batwa children stay in school and learn a skill or two by level seven. We are raising funds to build this school for them. Donations can be made for this project on our secure giving page or to Gloria direct.
Heart 2 Heart Hand N Hand Intl 
PO Box 514 Grants Pass, OR 97526 
Julian has been light, joy, and central point. She has been a pillar, a shoulder to lean on. All the children loved her, even in her elderly age she never lacked what to serve the little ones. They all looked up to her as a mother and father.
We are happy that by the time of her death, she was sleeping well and eating well. She had smiled and saw her grand children smiling, and above all, Julian knew Christ and she will be residing with angels in heaven. As friends of Batwa international we are determined to continue supporting these children and the entire community at Kasovu. Julian lived an awesome life and will dearly be missed by many.

H2H’s seed and hoe donation has enabled the people at Kamugyemanyi to plant and harvest food from their gardens. Such initiatives to encourage farming continues to feed the hungry and give them skill and purpose. In the future we can create a good storage facility to enable them to store seeds and keep repeating the planting cycle! 

We have been engaging the Batwa in their spiritual growth, learning of the word of God, teaching verses and how to pray and rely on prayer. Their faith has greatly grown. We hope that we will see total transformation with time. 

Batwa music performance and Batwa cultural preservation 
owe have a very well trained Batwa cultural performance group made up of over 50 members, and still growing, they present Batwa Folk lore, Batwa dance and Batwa plays and stories, we intend to grow this group, and also train the children, this a will be part of the Batwa cultural preservation center, where we want to put a Batwa museum and  botanical garden. 
First aid skills are very essential in very remote areas where medical services are very scarce. The people need to know how to manage patients until specialized treatment becomes available. We hope to extend these skills to the Batwa. The Batwa represent the highest rates of child mortality from minor injuries and accidents in the country. 
Land at Rwamwanja Village Uganda for the Batwa school. Raising $4200 to develop this land for a school. 

The Batwa Dance

Christmas Giving in Uganda

Christmas Connect with Heart to Heart Initiatives Uganda 🇺🇬 is raising funds and collecting donations for a Christmas outreach program. On Dec 20th we will give out clothes, bags, shoes, jewels and more to 500 people; 200 children, 100 youths and 200 adults male and female. We will give salon care, feed 100 people and counsel 300 people. We will have a medical camp and showcase the children’s talents that have been discovered in this lock down.

However we are still lacking, please support us to achieve this goal of $600. We thank God for all of you that are giving clothes, shoes, accessories and bags in 2021. We are very grateful. 

For those who would like to give for our Christmas Giving donations can be made on our secure donation site. Contact Gloria Cooper for more information if you are feeling led to give financial support to this years Christmas program in Uganda.


Updates From Uganda

 The Christ in Us Church is complete and had a wonderful grand opening on December 5th, 2021. Bishop John Kasiita and his wife Alice officiated the event. The presence of the Lord could be felt with singing, dancing and praising. The live event video can be seen on facebook. 
What a mighty God we serve! Meet the Christ in Us Church Worship Team!
The children of Christ In Us Church showcasing their talents at the grand opening. Thank you God for all your many blessings.

The Heart to Heart Children Creative Expressions

News From Kenya

This was a training to making soap and shampoo. Learning new skills creates ways to earn income for the women of the community. Not only can they make money, but making their own products is less expensive than purchasing them. We are now raising $150 to purchase the raw materials to make soap so that we can continue making this kind of soap.

Sunday the 28 th I will be visiting another church in our neighbors County and on 19th December I will be in the last church to close the year.
I have had little time here in our local church since June.
We planted another Church and in April 2022 am planning for a major evangelism and discipleship training for one week.

Youth at the discipleship training. This is an ongoing evangelism. 

Samson and Gladys are visiting churches in Western Kenya. Samson is overseeing the youth discipleship class. He was teaching at a dicipleship conference where the youth received a certificate at the end. 

This is Josephine and her new baby Jones. Doc has been her god parent for the last five years. Doc is a board member of H2Hintl. We want to welcome baby Jones into the family. Please pray for her and her new baby.

News From Pastor Safari

We thank God for what He is doing in the refugee camp in Uganda. Twelve people were baptized.

Pastor Safari and his wife Sarah. They have a church in Uganda called, He Is Like Me Intl. Ministries. He is based out of Uganda but lives in Norway at the moment. We have plans for restoring a house in Uganda for them to do their good works for the children of Uganda. 

Year End Giving

A reminder that H2H is a non profit organization and all donations are tax 100% tax deductible. Please consider Heart 2 Heart Hand N Hand Intl for your year 2021 end giving. Tax donation receipts will be mailed out in January 2022.

You can donate by clicking the button below or mail a check to: 

Heart 2 Heart Hand N Hand Intl
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Have a blessed Christmas, Happy New Year 2022. Thank-you all for a full year giving in 2021. From all of us at Heart 2 Heart Hand N Hand Intl ♥️


Feel the love, spread the word :)