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Bob and Gloria will be going to Uganda after waiting three long years due to Covid. Going along with us is Jerry Jones a video photographer from Kansas, he has shared many stories by video photographing from Africa with other organizations. He will collect our time in film, info and photos while in Uganda to share the mission story. We are excited to share all that he collects and edits together from our trip with our friends in the USA. We leave very early July 16th from the Medford, Oregon airport and meet Jerry Jones in Colorado. We will be flying together and sharing a dream to help in every way we can.  
Heart 2 Heart needs to raise funds for the cost to send the three of us to Africa. The costs include multi-visas, vehicle transportation, gasoline, lodging, food, bottled water and incidentals. We plan on feeding hearts and spirits while going from the city of Kagoma to the village in Kisoro. In the Rain Forest of Southwestern Uganda we are excited to greet the Batwa people, the oldest tribe in Uganda. It will be a 10-12 hour drive one way from Kampala. We will be gone 36 days on our trip total. We are hoping to feed people along the way and do a solar project at the new school land in Rubanda District in Uganda.
We are asking for prayers for our fundraisers and the preparation for our upcoming trip in the next 3 months. Our goal is to raise around $7000 to fully fund our trip and to be able to help and gift the children we meet. Check out our website to see when, where, how and what type of fund raisers we are doing. You can also give directly by clicking on the donate button at the bottom of this page.
I am a shepherd, a mother called to the nations, a lover of Jesus Christ, a visionary, a general to the mission of Africa, love to encourage as well as the prophetic seer an apostle building here and there for His kingdom heart 👑♥️God has blessed me to lead (H2H) Heart 2 Heart Hand N Hand Intl. Our mission is to provide hope, stability and opportunity to empower African communities.

Great Works Happening in Uganda

What beats trained workers? We are grateful to God for every training opportunity that we have had this year. Our Heart to Heart Initiative team was represented in a training by Scripture Union Uganda. We are ready to serve the children even better and more equipped! Thank you Scripture Union Uganda for this opportunity.

Heart to Heart to Heart Initiative was honored to host the leadership of “A Uganda Without Orphans.” Represented by Bishop Kaggwa Daniel, Pastor Luswata Drake Moses, and Mr Phil Green of World Without Orphans. We celebrated with the Children of the Heart to Heart Centre and the Kagoma Women. Our Message was  about the Continuum of Care and we encouraged the women of Kagoma to open their homes to children at risk, to embrace care for orphaned and needy children and this message was well received.

Looking for life outside of Christ, is looking for life outside of the very One who is life itself. It can’t be found. “ Christ in Us the Hope of Glory Church” in Kagoma UG. Franklyn and Sarah are the pastors at this church. 


Heart to Heart Initiative is a social support Organization led by Franklyn & Sarah that fights child abuse and domestic violence by providing child protection and family preservation services to create safe and secure communities in Uganda. 

Good News from Kenya

Samson and Gladys, our partners in Kenya at their youngest daughters wedding. What a blessing for them. Please pray for their hearts mission to help the orphan children and widows at His Family Youth Home, in Maliki Village, Kenya. 

Julius, is now a high school student receiving high grades and is top 2 in his school. He is a god child of Mari and Gary Foster for many years.

Triza, Bob and Gloria Cooper’s current god child with Mary, a past graduating god child of Bob and Gloria. We are so proud of all of you and thank you Samson & Gladys Mabonga for your dedication to helping better these children and the community they live in. Please pray for their good works.

Batwa People Making Progress

The proof that you love someone is not that you have warm affectionate feelings toward them. The proof is in your actions, your words and your sacrifice, your willingness to give the best of yourself and your willingness to get nothing in return
Katherine Walden
We have moved a long journey with our Batwa friends at Kasovu, we love them and we know them, they are good friends, God has connected us in a divine way. Food comes every so often for the Batwa, when it comes they share as a family. From just food handouts, we have been able to give hoes and seeds for small farming and building houses, we thank God for this hand up.
Thank you to Faith Ablaze Missions, a worldwide mission outreach ministry founded upon the rock Jesus Christ! Their mission is to faithfully preach the gospel, partner with mission groups in outreach to help meet the needs of the poor and encourage them with the love and power of God! They recently donated a motor cycle for the Friends of the Batwa projects. They have been a true blessing.

Greetings from our new school land for Heart 2 Heart Primary in Rubanda district, Uganda. The building needs indoor toilet and plumbing for a kitchen as well as plaster for walls and floor and paint. This is an estimated cost of $3,500. We are hoping to raise the funds to be able to stay in this building on our mission this June. This is good stewardship, we would rather spend the money here in a sustainable manner than to pay for a hotel.  

We have 6 acres with beautiful views to build classrooms and space for agricultural opportunities along with many other educational assets for the children to learn. Our plan is to have a fully fledged school in a period of five years. When we have a school completed, we will start with 50 children, Uganda’s standard number for one class and then add 10 – 25 children each year until we make 300 Batwa children in our school along with children from the surrounding town to be inclusive and diverse.

Our partner in Uganda, Africa, Richard and his wife Vian Mwesigwa. They are working hard to help the people of the Batwa. Please donate to help with accomplishing his hearts mission. You can specify that you want your donation to go directly to The Batwa people on our secure giving page by clicking on the button below. 

Thank You For Your Support

We could have not done what has transpired in Africa without your prayers and financial support. 

Bringing hearts and hands together. Providing hope, stability, and opportunity to empower communities. Feeding children for the future is our mission at H2H Intl.

Bob and I are so grateful for these fourteen years thus far, we serve with a full heart to Christ with JOY in Heart 2 Heart Hand N Hand Intl.
Gods Grace is sufficient for me. His power is made perfect in weakness.

We are wanting to do our annual Mothers Day fundraiser at Taprock on May 14th from 1-3. The ticket will cost $25 per person for the food. We will also need 25 people to attend. If you are interested in attending please email Gloria at h2hintl1@gmail.com

We need to know if we have enough interest by April 14th! 

We are blessed with an original one of a kind painting of a young, sweet Batwa girl painted by Joshua Morton a Grants Pass High School art teacher. This beautiful painting is up for sale to raise funds for H2H Intl. The asking price is $1,000 plus a $200 shipping fee if out of Grants Pass area. 

Contact Gloria Cooper for more information if you are feeling led to give financial support or are willing to help with any of the projects or missions trips aimed at helping the children of Kenya and Uganda.

 Donations are much appreciated and are tax deductible. Other ways to give are to sign up with community rewards like Amazon Smile or FredMeyer rewards they add up fast and do not cost the buyer any additional funds. 



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