“Harvest of Hearts Mission”

"Harvest of Hearts Mission"

Bob and Gloria are going to Uganda June 18- July 21. We will be going along with Jerry Jones a video photographer from Kansas. He will video and photograph our time while in Uganda to share our mission story. We are excited to share all that he collects and edits from our trip with our friends in the USA. 
We recently had a fundraiser gathering at Taprock to share our hearts mission and raise funds to support our upcoming mission trip to Uganda. African jewelry and accesories were on display for sale.
We are blessed with an original one of a kind painting of a young, sweet Batwa girl painted by Joshua Morton a Grants Pass High School art teacher. This beautiful painting is up for sale to raise funds for H2H Intl. The asking price is $1,000 plus a $200 shipping fee if out of Grants Pass area. 

Great Works in Uganda

Bob and Gloria will share Gods word at Christ in Us Church with Franklyn and Sarah in Kagoma District Uganda while on mission in June and July. Looking for life outside of Christ, is looking for life outside of the very one who is life itself. It can’t be found. 

We were glad to see children from both Heart to Heart Initiative and Christ In Us Church as they joined hundreds of other teens in a youth Bonanza called “Bounce for Jesus” at Christianity Focus Centre in Mengo Kisenyiopportunity.

Residential care facilities, orphanages, children’s homes are only Band-Aid responses that don’t address the real challenges that children and families are facing. In fact they can cause more trauma and harm to children. Christians desiring to help the 5.2 million children who have lost a caregiver because of COVID-19 should consider supporting efforts that keep them with living relatives to strengthen their families, and lead to empowered communities where children can thrive. 
Heart to Heart Initiative took 40 community women/mothers out for a Date! A Mother’s Day treat. A new feeling with a very strong educational entertainment point! 
God is great!
We thank God for what he has brought us. We appreciate every person that has supported us through prayers, finances and skills. We have worked tirelessly to achieve this goal and here we are today. Imagine the joy of the children as they enjoy the clean and safe environment. No more dirt and mud especially for our babies. The work continues, if you feel the desire to support us in any way, kindly do. Together for all these children and their families!

People Of The Batwa

Football, Playing materials that are improvised locally help keep the boys and girls busy outside school. Our dream is coming to reality as we move towards purchasing the land that will host our future school and other projects.
God is still on the throne. Batwa coming to and accepting Jesus is always joyful. Hallelujah. The joy of the Lord is my strength.
Pastor Emma 

Empowering Batwa with micro gardens so that they have enough food for their families. This is a Lyamigogo vegetable garden.

After staying on a congested piece of land for a long time, the Batwa at Kasovu are over joyed to receive a land equivalent to one acre where we will support them to build their houses, and have extra to make gardens on. We have already started work the land. The Batwa have helped to level the land and we will start building next week Jan 31st 2022, God willing. Thank you to all who have donated to help make this happen for the People of the Batwa.

Tree planting is going on, our goal is to have two HASS avocado trees for each household, we are preparing the new land where we will relocate some of the homes to be habitable by the time the Batwa move in. Keep your prayers coming, they are needed.

Richard Visiting Norah in Uganda.

Batwa children remain at home when others are at school. Pray and support so the Batwa children can go to school and access education.

Dress A Girl & Dress A Dude


Dress a Girl is donating over 400 hand sewn dresses, clothing and dolls going to East Africa. Dress a Dude is donating shorts for the boys. We are thankful for this amazing organization. The small things like new clean clothing make a difference in the lives of the children in Africa. 

Pastor Safari


Pastor Safari is feeding needy children. He has a church in Uganda called Light Of World Evangelical Church. This is in Uganda a feeding program. Funds for monthly feeding are needed for these children. 

And I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?” Then I said, “Here I am! Send me.”
Isaiah 6:8

Children in Sudan getting a meal. These children are in desperate need of food. Pastor Safari is doing what he can for them.


Pastor Safari with pygmies in the Congo. Funds for monthly feeding is needed for these children. If you want to help Pastor Safari with these children. Any amount helps. Thank you for your support.

Updates from Kenya


We have a teenager club and the purpose is to discuss the ways to face the future, discover talents and develop them. It costs $200 for 6 kids to go to school Three kids from the outreach and three kids from the church are going and more kids are on the waiting list.

These are the first bunch of children that our partner in Kenya, Samson took to school today at Maliki School.


Mission Funding Needed

We need your support! We have raised more than 1/2 of the funds needed to go to Uganda. We are needing to raise $4000 in less than 30 days. Please donate funds to the Harvest of Hearts Mission trip to Uganda. These funds are for a team of 10 to share the word of God as well as feed the children and adults that come with us. The rising costs of food, gas and a vehicle rental for 5 weeks is making this mission trip more costly than ever. If you are feeling led to support us as we travel to help the vulnerable children of Uganda, you can do so on our secure donation page on the link below. You can also sign up with Amazon or FredMeyer to donate to H2H automatically with no cost to you. All these things add up and help the children in Africa. 
You can also donate via Venmo at H2H Intl
Checks can be mailed to our new address at:
626 Lincoln Rd Grants Pass, Oregon 97526
Thank you for your support

This is where we are staying for 30 plus days. What a beautiful place full of potential for the Batwa people. 


The team has grown, pastors from Norway, Kenya, Uganda, Congo and USA are coming together June 17- July 21 to share the “Jesus Film Project” in villages and cities alike.


Feel the love, spread the word :)