Samson and Gladys
Pastor Samson & Gladys

Sponsorship of Kenya Children

H2H supports an orphanage in Kenya, Africa ran by Pastor Samson and his wife Gladys. This orphanage houses 20 children and has 4 outreach children. God Parents are needed to sponsor these children to pay for school fees, school clothes, medicine, school supplies, shoes, uniforms and basic necessities needed to support these children. Orphan children can be sponsored monthly for $60 or more per month with a year commitment as a God Parent. Contact H2H to learn more about the children and what they need. You can also sponsor a child by going directly to the giving fuel donation page and check the box, sponsor a child in need today. H2H and the children thank you for your support.

Kenya Children In Need

Jacob Mdida is 14yrs and class 8

Jacob Mdida

Jacob Mdida is 14yrs and class 8. He has two siblings Judith 18 years and Lukas 16 years, that are orphans as well.Their mother is paralyzed in her arm and leg and their father died of a heart attack. They are the most vulnerable of thechildren being raised in the youth home. These children are determined academically and desire to go to university. They have a place to call home at His Family Youth Center, but  they need your sponsorship to feed and excel them academically.

Phoebe is 15yrs and in class 8

Phoebe Anyango

Phoebe is 15 yrs and in class 8. she was just 5 years old when she came to live with us at His Family Youth Center. Phoebe was almost raped by her Father when she was 4 years old, this incident caused her mother to move out of that marriage. 12 years later, her father died of H.I.V/AIDS. Her mother is alive but lives in abject poverty unable to take care of her. Phoebe needs a God parent to sponsor her life. With $60 or more per month you can feed, clothe and educate her for life sucess.

Judith Atieno is now 18 and in form 3

Judith Atieno

Judith Atieno is 18 and in form 3. She has two siblings Lukas Marende, 16 and Jacob Mdida, 14 that live at His Family Youth Center. She lives in an old age home which is a two hour drive from us. Their Father died of a heart attack after the eviction from where the family was living during the election violence time. She is among the most vulnerable children of all that we are raising. She is determined to move academically and desires  to go to a university. We are asking for someone to sponsor her.

Triza Anyango is 15yrs and in class 7

Triza Anyango

Triza Anyango is 15yrs and in class 7.  Triza has nowhere to call home and no one else to call parents apart from us at His Family Youth Center. She was abandond by her father and her mother died when she was just two. She is now a teenager who has all the needs of a growing girl, your support for this girl will take her a long way and that is why we are asking for a God parent to take over as a sponsor for her.

Mary Wambui is 16yrs and in form 2

Mary Wambu

Mary Wambui is 16yrs and in form 2. She is the last born of a large family of 9 siblings. Mary was 6yrs when she came to live at His Family Youth Center. They were living on the streets of Kagio when we found them, their mother died of H.I.V/AIDS. Today, she have a very promising future as she is doing well academically and is focused to achieve her goals. Mary needs support to pursue the education she capable of.


Lukas Marende

Lucas is 16 years old and in form 2. He has two siblings, Judith and Jacob. Lucas is among the most vulnerable children of all that we have and are raising. He is determined though to move academically and probably to university. We are therefore asking for any willing person to take up Lucas as a God Parent and sponsor him. The rate of sponsorship is $60 or more per month to help a chid succeed in school.

Sponsor George

George Oduor

George is 17 years old and in form 1. He is a total orphan. His parents both died of H.I.V/AIDS. Apart from George he has three more siblings who live with an 83 year old grandmother. They all struggle to feed. George is willing to continue with his education at all cost, he is the first person in their family to go beyond primary level of education. Your help as a God Parent will help him in his effort to persue an education.

sponsor martin

Martin Aioli

Martin is 17 and in class 8. He is an orphan along with his brother, Julius. His parents died of H.I.V/AIDS. Their mother who was last to die, left them at the age of 9 and 6 yrs. That’s when we took them in through a church member who knew them well. They are very good in school, well behaved and footballers as well. They have a very bright future and would benefit greatly from a God Parent sponsorship.


Hillman Okumu

Hillman is 18 and in form 3. His father died of H.I.V/AIDS when he was 8yrs and he later went to live on the streets of a small town in Busia County. We rescued him from the streets at the age of 14 and he has proved that his life can be transformed. His mother is still alive but brews illegal alcohol for her living, this is both dangerous to the whole family as it is against the law. Hillman is willing keep up academic hopes.

Michelle Acheing

Michelle Acheing is 3 year old. She has two brothers, Dazon 7 and Bryan 11. Their father died after a long struggle with a sickness that was not diagnosed. It was thought to be HIV/AIDS but after the birth of Michelle, everyone said we will see about that young baby, but it was not so. Poverty could not allow the family to do postmortem to ascertain the cause of his death, yet medical tests were negative. Please support Michelle as a God Parent to give her a better life.
Gloria Cooper with Franklyn and Sarah Kasozi
Pastor Franklyn & Sara with Gloria Cooper

Sponsorship of Uganda Children

In Kampala, Uganda H2H works with partners, Franklyn and Sarah Kasozi, to assist with outreach programs and the creation of a transition home that helps the children that are being abused, abandoned and neglected get the help they need. The compassion and dedication that Franklyn and Sarah have is amazing and their efforts are making a difference. Support in the form of God Parent sponsorship for the children they are helping starts at only $60 per month. Money will be used for food, clothing, school fees, medicine, uniforms and basic necessities.

Uganda Children In Need

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Uganda Drop in Center

Heart to Heart Initiative children’s drop in Center in Kagoma, Uganda is a safe child environment purposed to create a peaceful, safe and fun environment for vulnerable children.
Families have many challenges; homes and schools may have their stresses and parents sometimes have very limited or no time at all for the children. At our child center we want to bridge these gaps. Over a 100 children come weekly/daily in the community of Kagoma District. We need funds monthly to feed and buy games for all age groups coming in. Your donations are very appreciated by these children, thank you.

h2hintl uganda girl looking up
uganda heart 2 heart initiative drop in center kids playing
uganda heart 2 heart initiative drop in center kids playing

Thank You For Your Support