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Past Event Success Stories

excited children getting clean water from faucet

Water For Africa

H2H raised money to dig a water well in Lira, Uganda for a school of 375 students plus the village people. This was one of our first projects of 2010.

h2hintl seeds 4 africa-flyer 2015

Seeds For Africa

H2H received a generous donation from Siskiyou Seeds in response to the annual "Seeds for Africa" fundraiser in 2015. Seeds went to several missions in Africa.

Children in Africa with blankets donated by h2hintl

Blankets For Africa

Funds were raised to provide Christian Fellowship Church in Kenya blankets to give to orphans and widows. 24 orphans received a blanket in 2016.

three girls wearing pillowcase dresses from H2Hintl

Pillowcase Dresses For Africa

H2H gives pillowcase dresses, and shorts to children in Uganda and Kenya so they can go to school. Pillowcase dresses were donated by Southern Oregon Dress a girl.

African girl standing in front of sewing machine donated by H2Hintl

Sewing Machines For Africa

H2H purchased a sewing machine with foot pedal operation for Uganda in 2014. Women in the community can now make their own clothing or make money sewing for others.

h2hintl books given to children in Africa

Education For Africa

H2H Brought supplies donated by a few banks and local citizens of Grants Pass. Children can now go to school with these supplies and clothing.

Children and Widows in Africa wearing H2HIntl donated glasses

Reading Glasses For Africa

250 reading glasses donated from the Portland Eye bank Went to Kenya, Uganda & Rwanda. H2H Partnered with a doctor to disperse the glasses to widows, widowers & children.

medicine 4 africa flyer

Medicine For Africa

H2H raised money to give to children in desperate need of medical care. In the area we serve, many children have AIDS and need money for medicine, doctor fees and transportation costs.

Maize crop growing in Kenya, Africa

Agriculture For Africa

H2H was able to rent 1 acer of land to grow a garden. We purchased hand tools like shovels and rakes. With H2H's help they were able to grow a crop of cabbage, maize/corn and other veggies.

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