H2H Success Stories

To the weak I became weak, that I might win the weak.

I have become all things to all people, that by all means I might save some.

1 Corinthians 9:22

Water Gives Life!

H2H financed the creation of a borehole that was dug during Gloria’s time in Maliki Village, Africa. The process is done using dynamite to create the hole. A man is lowered down about 23 feet to the bottom and he hand digs out the rocks and debris until water is reached. A hand crank system was installed, but this is only a temporary fix to a more substantial well system planned for the future of this community. Donations are needed to install a proper well pump, bricks, sand, cement and labor. Clean water is truly a gift from above to the people of this village. If you are able to help with this well project they will be blessed by your support. 

Water Gives Life. Africa boys with water buckets on their heads

Sharing God's Great News

Christian Family Church MaliKi Village, Kenya Bishop Samson Mabonga. Discipleship classes after bibles given along with baptizing. H2H supports this church and has donated funds, bibles and chairs for the Sunday School.


Planting Seeds in Africa

H2H recognized a need for sustainable food sources for African communities. We provided rented land for gardens, seeds, hand tools and training in agriculture. They were able to grow maize/corn, cabbage, potatoes, tomatoes and other vegetables. We have also purchased protein sources like chickens, goats, quail and lamb to raise and breed for future generations. A step toward sustainability. We are proud to be part of the success of this village. A lot is still needed here, your donations will help keep the garden going for generations to come!

Suppling Basic Needs

With the generous donations, we have been able to help in many ways including sending leaders on the ground in Africa to leadership conferences. We are proud to have provided the children in Kenya and Uganda with clothing, food, school fees, school supplies, bibles, chairs, blankets, shoes, mosquito nets, mattresses, and so much more. Our goal is to continue to support our leaders as they help the children be successful, safe, sustainable, and hopeful for their future and the future of the communities they live in. These costs add up quickly and are always needed. We are in need of funding for the purchasing of basic needs for the children, any donation appreciated and also tax deductible!

African Children receiving blankets from H2H

Improving living Conditions

The boys dorm in Kenya is constantly on our hearts. The boys dorm at His Family Youth Home had collapsed on 10/14/19. H2H donations helped rebuild the building. This dorm is still in need of funds for other repairs and updates to make the dorm more livable for the the boys that stay here.

We were blessed to improve the cookhouse at His Family Youth Home in Kenya. 

H2H was able to purchase a solar panel for His Family Youth House in Maliki Village, Kenya. The system was installed by some local volunteers and it is in operation, but is not sufficient enough to support the compound and 25+ people that utilize it to capacity. More solar panels and a larger battery system is planned for the sustainable future of this solar power system. 


Schooling of any kind is not free in Africa. Educational fees and materials are very costly. The children are very grateful to attend school. H2H is proud to have sent several children in Kenya to school with your generous donations. 

Education is more that sending children to school. Teaching the children skills that could earn them money or serve a purpose in their community is important. The sewing project has been a special way to accomplish that goal. H2H has purchased sewing machines for Kenya and Uganda. 

Child in Africa Graduating School

Supporting Our Partners

Our leaders are doing very important work for the needy children in Africa. Pastor Samson and his wife along with graduated assistants house, feed and send to school the orphaned children of His Family Youth Home in Kenya, Africa. Our leaders have no provisions for themselves or their families. They sometimes go without to sacrifice for the children they are helping. Our leaders need to be supported so they can help these children thrive in place where they would otherwise be on the street or worse. H2H has been privileged to support these leaders for many years and hope to continue with your help. Any donation to support our leaders would go a long way to helping them help others. A monthly donation or a one time gift would be greatly appreciated.