Who We Are

Executive Directors

Bob & Gloria Cooper, founders and directors of H2H Intl.

Bob & Gloria’s desire to connect with likeminded people wanting to share the love of God with compassion through; missions, fund-raising and prayer support for those on the ground in communities. Their hearts are to raise awareness for the needs in Kenya & Uganda and India. Providing them with hope, stability and opportunity, H2H’S Orphans and widows have been doing projects for the last five plus years which has allowed them to be empowered and productive in their communities.

Bob & Gloria’s hearts are blessed in Heart 2 Heart Hand N Hand International by making a difference, loving people where they are and sharing this love with others to make a lasting difference in the lives of people in need. They invite you to join them in helping others by volunteering, praying or donating and doing God’s will. 

Bob and Gloria Cooper founders and directors of H2HIntl

“Father of Orphans,

Champion of Widows,

Is God in His Holy House”

Psalm 68:5

Where Are We Helping

kenya uganda map

Kenya, Africa

His Family Youth Home kids", Samson and Mama Gloria in maliki Village,Kenya

Samson & Gladys

In Maliki Village, Kenya Heart 2 Heart Hand N Hand supports partners, Samson and Gladys with projects like clean water well creation, sustainable farming projects, community education and basic needs for the children in His Family Youth Center. We have several outreach programs planned for the future that are intended to improve the lives of the community members here. Monthly support for staff, food, education and hygiene products are needed for the children of His Family Youth Center in Kenya, Africa. H2H is praying for those wanting to help support our awesome staff in Maliki Village, Kenya as they take care of these orphan children.

Uganda, Africa

African children with arms around eachother

Initiative Uganda

Heart to Heart Initiative advocates for loving and caring families that create a healthy atmosphere for their members to proudly enjoy. We are focused on preserving families and protecting children, making domestic violence and child abuse history in Uganda. In Uganda we are working towards creating a Heart 2 Heart transition Home for 3-17 year olds that are rescued from traumatic situations. The transition home will be all about reconciliation for families. Staff and supplies will be needed in the future and funds are needed now to plaster the walls to make this building a functioning transition home.​

Franklyn and Sarah Kasozi of Uganda Leaders in Africa

Franklyn and Sarah Kasozi

In Kampala, Uganda H2H works with partners, Franklyn and Sarah Kasozi, to assist with outreach programs that help the children that are being abused, abandoned and neglected. The compassion and dedication that Franklyn and Sarah have is amazing and their efforts are making a difference. Learn more about what Franklyn and Sarah are doing to help these children on their website. http://www.heart2heartinitiative.org

What We Do


Clean Water Wells

H2H is dedicated to helping African communites create wells that produce clean water. The water sources in Africa are contaminated and sometimes very far away. The cost of a clean water well is about $6,000.00 US dollars which will include a 500 gallon holding tank and all other needed items for the water to be used.


Sustainable Food Sources

H2H recognized a need for sustainable food sources for African communities. H2H has rented land for gardens, seeds, hand tools and training in agriculture. They were able to grow maize/corn, cabbage, potatoes, tomatoes and other vegetables.  We have also purchased protein sources like chickens, goats, quail and lamb to raise and breed for future generations.  


Providing Medical Supplies

Medical supplies, hygiene products, doctor visits and transportation to the doctor are all very costly in Africa. Many children are born with AIDS or have serious medical problems and are in great need of medicine and doctor visits. H2H welcomes volunteers that are doctors, nurses, dentists or counselors to assist in Africa. H2H also needs donations to help these children get the medical care they need. 


Growing Crops

H2H has been working in Kenya to grow crops for the community. Seeds are needed every year to grow new crops. H2H holds “Seeds For Africa” fundraisers every year. Please support H2H in sending seeds to Africa. This program provides nutrition, education, and stability to the local community. 


Housing For Orphans

H2H supports an orphanage in Kenya, Africa. This orphanage houses 20 children and has 4 outreach children. Money for school fees, clothing and basic needs is needed to support these children. These children can be sponsored monthly with a year commitment as a God Parent. Contact H2H to learn more about these children or go the the donation page to sponsor a child in need.

H2H is also raising funds to create a transition home in Uganda for children ages 3-17 that have been rescued from traumatic situations. Staff and supplies will be needed in the future and funds are needed now to plaster the walls to make this building a functioning transition home. 


Opportunity to Learn

Educating a child, empowers a child. Many children in Africa do not have the opportunity to go to school. Some schools consist of children using sticks to draw letters and numbers in the dirt. Basic school supplies are very appreciated by the children in Africa. H2H is committed to providing basic school supplies and clothing so children can attend school. Donations of items or money to buy them is greatly appreciated. Contact H2H to donate items in needed.

Why We Do It

Our Vision

Heart 2 Heart Hand N Hand International (H2H) exists to connect people who want to share the love of God and compassion with those in need by providing food, water, shelter, medicine, education, transportation and self-sustainable projects for children, widows and their communities. We are dedicated to helping train and support local staff (nationals) to connect professionals in various areas to accomplish many sustainabiliy projects.


What Can You Do?

African children looking


Every dollar donated is used to support the mission to empower African communities and change the lives of the children in need. Together we can make a difference.

H2Hintl helping orphan children and widows in Africa


Volunteering brings hearts and hands together to make a lasting difference in the lives of others and the volunteer. Here in the USA or in Africa, every hand helps.

boy praying in africa


Pray for the leaders, volunteers and partners on the ground in Africa and in the USA. Pray for the people of Africa, especially pray for the innocent children.

Non Profit Information

Institutional Relationships

Although H2H works along side other organizations in sharing God’s love and message, it is not directly affiliated with any organization, church or ministry.

Tax Deductible Donations

Heart 2 Heart Hand N Hand Intl (H2H) is a Oregon, USA, Nonprofit Humanitarian Organization. H2H is a IRS 501(c)3 tax exempt organization. All donations are tax deductible. 1045 letter and EIN is available upon request. The directors and staff of H2H serve as committed volunteers.

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