Bringing Hearts N Hands together

Providing Hope, Stability & Opportunity

To Empower Communities

"Feeding Children For the Future"

Where We Help

Uganda & Kenya

H2H is dedicated to helping the children and widows of Maliki Village in Kenya. Together with partner, Samson Mabonga, we support projects like farming, education and basic needs supplies. H2H also works in Kampala, Uganda with Partners, Franklyn and Sarah Kasozi. This area has many children in great need of counseling, education and basic supplies.

The Children

The children of Africa are our true hearts mission. In Kenya and Uganda many children live in severe poverty and are at high risk for disease, abandonment and sexual or physical abuse. 

The Community

Strengthening the community by educating leaders, providing supplies, teaching life-skills and spreading the word of God empowers the people and improves the lives of children in African communities. 

Greatest Needs

What Can You Do?

African children looking


Every dollar donated is used to support the mission to empower African communities and change the lives of the children in need. Together we can make a difference.

H2Hintl helping orphan children and widows in Africa


Volunteering brings hearts and hands together to make a lasting difference in the lives of others and the volunteer. Here in the USA or in Africa, every hand helps.

praying children in Africa


Pray for the leaders, volunteers and partners on the ground in Africa and in the USA. Pray for the people of Africa, especially pray for the innocent children.

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