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Heart 2 Heart Hand N Hand Intl.

Our mission at H2H Intl. is to help children living in dire conditions in Africa with the opportunity to be empowered, educated, sustainable and hopeful for their future and the future of their community. We are a 501 C3 non-profit organization ran by Bob and Gloria Cooper. They invite you to join them in helping others by volunteering, praying or donating and doing God’s will. All donations are tax deductible and very appreciated by the children who receive the much needed help. Thank you for visiting our site and sharing in our hearts mission to raise awareness for the children’s needs in Kenya & Uganda. 

Where We Help

Kenya, Africa

H2H is dedicated to helping the children and widows of Maliki Village in Kenya. Together with our partners on the ground, Samson Mabonga and his wife Gladys, we support projects like farming, education, water well creation, solar power, housing improvements and gardening. Your donations help us provide basic needs supplies like education fees, school supplies, food, seeds, hygiene products, mosquito nets, bedding, clothing and so much more. 

Uganda, Africa

H2H supports the children and leaders in Kampala, Uganda. This area has many children in great need of counseling, education and basic supplies. Our partners here are doing great work to better their community and improve the lives and futures of the children that live here. 

In Kabale, Uganda we are working with our partner Richard Mwesigwa and his heart’s mission help the children of the Batwa. Financial support is needed for empowerment for farming, gardening, security, income generation, healthy bodies and souls.

Our Partners in Africa

Batwa, Uganda

Partner, Richard Mwesigwa From Kabale, Uganda is helping the most needy children in Uganda. The Batwa have the highest child death rates in Uganda. More than half of the children of landless Batwa die before the age of five and are killed by preventable and treatable diseases. Many projects are needed to help these needy people.

Pastor Samson and wife Gladys H2H partners in Kenya

Maliki, Kenya

Partners, Samson and Gladys take care of the orphaned children at His Family Youth Home in Maliki Village, Kenya. H2H provides monthly support for staff, food, education, gardening, medicine and basic supplies. Funds are continually needed to support the hearts mission and great works of our partners in Kenya, Africa.

Greatest Needs

What Can You Do?

African children looking


Every dollar donated is used to support the mission to empower African communities and change the lives of the children in need. Together we can make a difference.

H2Hintl helping orphan children and widows in Africa


Volunteering brings hearts and hands together to make a lasting difference in the lives of others and the volunteer. Here in the USA or in Africa, every hand helps.

praying children in Africa


Pray for the leaders, volunteers and partners on the ground in Africa and in the USA. Pray for the people of Africa, especially pray for the innocent children.

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Thank You For Your Support